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Why The Rock never worked with Shawn Michaels

The Rock

  • Your English Teacher

    “So it is no surprise that he simply does not wrestle anymore” is not a sentence, it’s an adverbial clause.

    “Apparently, he had some dispute with Shawn Michaels backstage which he never got over.” Who’s he? Don’t use pronouns if you can’t use them correctly.

    “So it got to the point where when Rock did get big, he did not want to work with HBK.” Again, he who?

    “Meltzer also said that when the first match between Steve Austin and The Rock happened at Wrestlemania, Shawn was trying to get The Rock replaced by Mick Foley in the match, in order to keep him down.” In this sentence you mentioned five people. Who is the him that was being kept down?

    I wish I could tag Amish Patel in a post so that he could see all the writing errors.

  • 2009 called, they would like their news back.