Will AJ Styles renew his contract with the WWE?

The Phenomenal One has had one Hell of a run in the WWE, capturing the WWE Championship two times since debuting for the company in 2016. When AJ Styles appeared at that year’s Royal Rumble, the crowd erupted, and WWE knew they had a star on their hands.



With such an incredible two years, it’s not too shocking to hear that he plans on sticking with the company for a while. In an interview with Raute Musik, Styles was asked if he planned on resigning with the company when his contract comes up.

I don’t see why not if I can still do what I do. Like…if I can still be AJ Styles, then I would like to keep working in the WWE in a talent form. So as long as I can keep going, then I would like to keep working here.

This part of the interview can be seen above.

It’s great to hear that Styles plans on sticking around for a while. The man has been booked to near perfection since he came in, being put at the top of the card since day one. And with a stacked roster that only continues to get more talented, especially with the return of Daniel Bryan last week, there’s no company I want to see Styles compete in more than the WWE.

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