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Will Kushida sign with WWE?

Yujiro Kushida announced recently that he will be leaving NJPW at the end of January. His future in the wrestling business is uncertain at this point. However, there have been reports that he will be signing with WWE. If he does make the jump to WWE, it most likely will not be to the main roster.

On Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer noted Kushida is likely to go to NXT.

Even though no official announcement has been made, that does not usually happen until everything is settled. WWE does not like to give away big signings beforehand so that they can get a much bigger pop from a TakeOver crowd when a new Superstar is seen sitting in the front row.

However, on PW Insider Elite audio, Mike Johnson said that he has heard nothing about Kushida going to NXT.

“Kushida is 35-years-old, he’s a hell of a hand […] he has said that he accomplished everything that he can accomplish in New Japan and he wants to go travel the world and wrestle. You know, to me if you want to grow beyond New Japan and do something WWE is the most likely potential home for you.”

“I haven’t heard that he has a tryout. I haven’t heard that he’s signed. I haven’t heard that they’re talking to him. I will never say that I heard something when I didn’t.”

“It makes sense.”

Johnson said that Kushida’s Back To The Future gimmick is popular in New Japan, but it will probably be changed by WWE if he does sign with them. He noted WWE has a relationship with Universal, but they most likely will not go with the McFly gimmick. So we will have to wait and see if Kushida does sign with WWE or not.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I don’t see why they’d change his vague BTTF referencing gimmick… they let Kenny Williams do something similar in NXT UK.