Will Ospreay challenges Rey Mysterio to a match, Mysterio not going to WWE?

NJPW’s Strong Style Evolved took place tonight, taking place in Long Beach, California. Originally, Rey Mysterio was scheduled to face Jushin Thunder Liger at the event. However, Rey’s torn biceps forced him to bow out of the match.



NJPW did find a replacement for Mysterio in the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, Will Ospreay. The 24-year-old has lit the world on fire since debuting back in 2012 and is in the middle of a fantastic run with the company.

Ospreay and Liger had a hard-fought battle at Strong Style Evolved, but it was Ospreay who came away with the win after hitting the OsCutter. After the bout, Ospreay went to the mic to praise the 53-year-old for his ability to perform at that level for so long. He went on to say that he’s looking to form his own legacy, and that means defeating legends like Liger and Mysterio, who was watching the match at ringside.

Will Ospreay challenged Mysterio to a match in NJPW when he recovered from his injury, but before he could get an answer, was assaulted by Marty Scurll. Mysterio tried to intervene, but Scurll took him out and took his mask off. Liger finally made the save, chasing off the Villain. Ospreay, Mysterio, and Liger all shook hands in the middle of the ring to end the segment.

With this challenge, it’s possible that this is NJPW, and Mysterio, telling the world that the Master of the 619 plans on sticking around for a while. Mysterio came out prior to the match, stating that after his injury, he will take Liger on.

With the promises of matches against Liger and Ospreay, has Rey Mysterio killed the rumors of his WWE return?

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