Will Ospreay fires back at Seth Rollins with a fact of his own

As reported earlier, WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins indulged in a heated argument with the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay over on Twitter. The two Superstars argued over who was better after Rollins claimed that WWE was the “best pro-wrestling in the world” and that there was no one who could perform as he does.



Ospreay tweeted earlier today with a very interesting fact that might not sit well with Rollins. Ospreay claimed that he has wrestled more matches than Rollins in 2019 and then asked him to “catch up” by calling him a “little guy”.


Ospreay and Rollins’ Twitter feud keeps getting tense by the moment and it’d be interesting to see where it goes. Either way, the fans are having a good time seeing two of the World’s top Champions go at it (even if it’s on Twitter).



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