Will Ospreay is impressed with 205 Live’s Buddy Murphy

The Aerial Assassin is one of the best cruiserweights in the world. Will Ospreay has become an international star, and with high-quality matches against the likes of Ricochet and Marty Scurll, it’s easy to understand why. However, it seems that Ospreay has his eye on a certain WWE superstar in their cruiserweight division.



A fan recently asked the former IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion on who he’d like to face from 205 Live. The purple brand is stacked with some unbelievable talent right now, but Ospreay only had one man on his mind.


Buddy Murphy went from being a part of one of the most forgettable NXT tag team champions to one of the most entertaining members of the WWE roster. Since 205 Live debut, he’s proved night in and night out that he’s one of the best cruiserweights around, and that no one should be sleeping on his ability.

An Ospreay/Murphy match I’m sure many fans would love to see.

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