Will Paul Heyman Be at TNA Victory Road?, TNA-JR Note and More

– As noted before, TNA wants Paul Heyman to appear at the upcoming Victory Road pay-per-view. Heyman has made it clear he will not be there. As of this past weekend, some in the company are under the impression that Heyman will be there but there has been no deal reached.



Heyman noted that TNA has came to him but they even gave Jim Ross a low-ball number. As noted before, Heyman wants a deal with TNA similar to what Dana White has with UFC. Heyman said if he doesn’t get something like that for many millions of dollars, then he’s not interested in returning. TNA also wants Heyman to lead the ECW invasion angle but Heyman has said he does not want to be a character on TV.

Some in TNA say that the two sides are so close on signing a deal that Heyman has began working on ideas. Sources say that while Heyman doesn’t want to be a TV character, he’s willing to make at least one TV appearance just to show that he’s arrived.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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