Will Smith Dating Men Rumor Bombshell Revealed

Jada Pinkett Smith made an appearance on a “Today” prime-time special where she fearlessly addressed long-standing rumors about her marriage to the renowned actor Will Smith, along with her struggles, including battling suicidal thoughts. Dismissing rumors about her husband’s sexuality and their supposed involvement in swinging or having an open marriage, the “Girls Trip” star clarified that these speculations were baseless and untrue, despite their prevalence in the media.



In a recent revelation, Pinkett Smith disclosed that she and Will Smith had been living separately for over seven years, even though they continued to appear as a couple during public engagements. She spoke candidly about the challenges they faced, explaining that their exhaustion in trying to maintain their relationship, combined with unrealistic expectations of one another, led to their eventual separation in 2016. Despite their separation, they made a mutual commitment to work through any challenges and avoid divorce, a pledge that she has staunchly adhered to.

“I mean, a million things were out there,” Pinkett Smith told host Hoda Kotb.

“No. You know, that’s part of it. I would say that none of that’s true. I definitely can understand why there’d be misunderstandings,” she added, “but none of it’s true.”

The couple’s separation was kept private, even during a highly publicized period when Pinkett Smith was accused of having an affair with family friend August Alsina. Confirming the relationship on her show “Red Table Talk,” she described it as an “entanglement,” emphasizing that it was a genuine relationship that occurred during their separation.

She also addressed the incident at the 2022 Academy Awards when Will Smith lashed out at comedian Chris Rock for making a joke referencing her alopecia. Pinkett Smith acknowledged that such moments could either amplify love or foster bitterness, and she and her husband chose the former, opting to use the experience as an opportunity to heal and strengthen their relationship.

Additionally, Pinkett Smith revealed her struggles with depression, sharing that she had grappled with profound and overwhelming thoughts of worthlessness. She opened up about her battle with suicidal ideation during her 40s, shedding light on the emotional turmoil she experienced during that challenging period.

In her honest and raw discussion, Pinkett Smith displayed tremendous resilience in navigating her personal struggles and maintaining her marriage, highlighting the importance of addressing mental health issues openly and honestly.


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