Will Smith Daughter Was Furious Before Mom…

It has been noted that the children of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith – Jaden Smith and Willow Smith are reportedly “relieved” that the news of their parents’ separation has now been made public via Yahoo.



Many were surprised to know that the couple had been separated six years before the infamous 2022 Oscars slap, when the “Independence Day” actor slapped Chris Rock after the comedian and Academy Award presenter made a joke about Jada’s hair loss condition, known as alopecia.

Earlier this week, the “Girls Trip” actress shocked the world when she revealed that she and Will Smith have been living “totally separate lives” without any plans to divorce. The news comes just before the release of her new memoir, “Worthy,” which is scheduled for release on October 17.

Over the weekend, sources told the Daily Mail that the children are hoping that they can use this as an opportunity to “heal” from what they have been through over the past few years, as insiders claim that they have been “extremely agitated” after lying for their parents and pretending that all was well in the household when their parents were, in fact, separated.

“Although Jaden and Willow love their mom to no end and take on many of her behaviors and traits, they are very relieved the news is finally out there so everyone can just get on with it, no one is getting any younger,” a source claimed, adding that the two were “uncomfortable” dealing with intrusive questions about their parents’ relationship.

“They all want everyone to be true to themselves and not hold any more grudges or secrets,” the source continued.

“Jaden and Willow hope that everyone can now heal and remove any drama that still might be in their worlds now that all the revelations have come out.”

“They have seen the attacks that their mom has gotten from all of this, and they really hope people can trust their mom in the future, they weren’t expecting negativity to shine on their mom but now that it is happening, they want to get through it all as a family,” the source added.

Another insider went on to say that Will and Jada had “put their children in a very strange and uncomfortable situation.” They also divulged that, although Willow has always had a close relationship with her mother, she is uncomfortable with how much dirty laundry Jada has been airing about their family lately.

“They were constantly asked about their parents and for seven years they had to basically lie to everyone and pretend that everything was perfectly fine when they knew it was not,” the insider said. “This made them extremely agitated at times and they would constantly get in fights with each other and with them.”

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