Will Smith Drops Hugh Jackman Health Bombshell

Famous actors renowned for their physical attractiveness can also experience insecurities, particularly when required to undergo physical transformations for their roles. Robert Downey Jr., known for his chiseled physique, encountered such an insecurity while undergoing one such bodily alteration. Will Smith, an accomplished entertainer, observed the insecurity of the Iron Man actor and empathized with him. He even attributed it to Hugh Jackman.



It is often assumed that famous individuals are immune to the ordinary insecurities that afflict the general population. However, in a recent conversation with Esquire, Smith emphasized the significance of acknowledging the influence that fellow performers can have on each other while undergoing a physical metamorphosis for a particular film or television role. The discussion encompassed a wide range of subjects, including basketball, his offspring, and his personal physical evolution.

Will Smith, 55, opened up about a variety of topics in a previous interview with Esquire, including basketball, his kids, Hugh Jackman’s body fat, and, yes, long-term body image insecurities.

The Academy Award-winning actor liked to “look good”, but more than anything, he said, he liked “his body to function well”.  As he went on:

“For me, it’s as spiritual and intellectual as it is physical. And emotional. I’m a better husband, I’m a better father, if my body is physically functioning at the highest possible levels. I enjoy pushing myself. There is nothing like having to change your physical form to put you in contact with every weak part of yourself, to train yourself in discipline. You get confronted with all of the things you’ll be confronted with in your marriage, confronted with in your parenting, confronted with in your job.”

The expectation that actors like Robert Downey Jr. will physically transform into iconic characters frequently goes hand in hand with the demand for that to occur.

Hugh Jackman was blamed by Smith for having an impressively low body fat percentage when the interviewer recalled how the Oppenheimer actor was concerned about changing his body when they first met. The father of three told Esquire:

“That damn Wolverine. That’s as good as it gets right there. I’m going for him. I’m going for Hugh Jackman. His body fat had to be around 4.”
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