Will Smith Got Wife Back After He Attacked Actor

According to Variety, Jada Pinkett Smith recently opened up about the Chris Rock-Will Smith incident at the 2022 Academy Awards, highlighting how it strengthened her commitment to her husband. In an intimate conversation at the Perelman Performing Arts Center in New York City, she shared details of the emotional journey they undertook together after the onstage incident.



Recalling the moment at the Oscars, Jada described how her perspective shifted when she realized that Will had struck Chris Rock. She expressed her unwavering support for her husband, stating, “I’m riding with you. I didn’t come into this place as your wife, but I’m leaving here as your wife because we got a storm we’re going to have to deal with together. I am not gonna leave your side.”

Reflecting on their seven-year separation, she recounted the challenges they faced in 2016, characterized by emotional exhaustion and power struggles. Jada emphasized the importance of self-love before being able to fully understand love from another person, including her husband.

Furthermore, Jada revealed that Will and their children had given her permission to share anything about their lives in her upcoming memoir, titled “Worthy.” Emphasizing the trust and support within their family, she explained that Will encouraged her to have her authentic voice in the book, affirming, “I will be comfortable with whatever you want to share, I trust you.”

Regarding Will’s involvement in the memoir, Jada disclosed that he had the opportunity to review it before it went to the editor, but he chose not to make any changes. This gesture reflected his confidence in her story and his respect for her voice. “He didn’t change a word. He changed nothing,” she added.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir, “Worthy,” is set for release on Tuesday, inviting readers to delve into her personal journey and experiences.

Harrison Carter
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