Will Smith Looks Ridiculous In ‘Book Statement’ Video

According to People, Will Smith recently showcased his playful side amidst the release of his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir, “Worthy.” Taking to Instagram, the renowned actor shared a lighthearted “official statement” video, seemingly in response to the revelations made by Jada in her book.



In the amusing clip, Will, 55, humorously begins to share his opinion before playfully interrupting himself with a fake sneeze, injecting a light-hearted touch to the atmosphere. The video cleverly zooms out to reveal picturesque backgrounds, including a waterfall, mountains, a desert, and a beach, adding an entertaining flair to the scene.

Fans quickly chimed in with their appreciation for Will’s jovial spirit, with one follower noting, “Lol, that’s out of this world,” and another expressing their fondness, “Hahahahaaaaaaaaaa!! We love you Will!! .” A third person commended his perspective, stating, “Always good to zoom out and look at the big picture!”

Amid the playful social media banter, Jada Pinkett Smith’s recent NBC interview with Hoda Kotb unveiled intimate details about her marriage with Will. Opening up about their unconventional relationship, Jada disclosed that they had been living as “single” individuals since 2016, despite being married for 25 years. Emphasizing their ongoing journey of self-discovery and partnership, Jada highlighted the dynamic nature of their relationship, acknowledging the constant evolution and complexities within any long-term commitment.

Will, in a heartfelt letter read to Jada during her appearance on “On Purpose with Jay Shetty,” expressed genuine admiration for her memoir, “Worthy,” acknowledging the emotional rollercoaster of laughter, inspiration, and heartbreak that her narrative evoked. Praising her as a unique blend of strength and sensitivity, he underscored the profound impact of her story on his own perspective, underscoring the deep bond they share.

With both Will and Jada offering glimpses into their personal lives, their candid revelations have resonated with audiences, capturing the essence of their enduring bond and mutual respect. “Worthy” remains available for readers seeking a profound exploration of Jada Pinkett Smith’s journey.


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