Will Smith Partied With Famous Scientologist

Popular soccer player David Beckham recently recalled how popular movie stars Tom Cruise and Will Smith threw him a star-studded welcome party when he moved to Los Angeles in 2007 via Daily Mail.



The soccer star moved with his wife Victoria and their young children to California after he signed with LA Galaxy. The USA went mad for the arrival of Beckham 16 years ago, as he changed the face of the game Stateside.

During his new Netflix documentary BECKHAM, director Fisher Stevens asked David: ‘Did you have friends in LA?’

David replied: ‘The funny thing was, I was friends with Tom Cruise. I remember Tom turning round and saying, “me and Will are gonna throw you a party.” I was like “Will?” and he said “Will Smith”.

Several Hollywood stars attended the bash including Tom’s wife Katie Holmes, Will’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith and actor Jim Carrey. Recalling the bash, David’s close friend David Gardner said: ‘It was like being in Madame Tussauds, everywhere you looked there was a famous person.’

He added: ‘The next minute the piano starts going and Stevie Wonder startings singing him happy birthday.  And I was like “f**k this, he’s gone, we’ve lost him.”‘

The party was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, with Tom clearing the dancefloor to recreate the choreography from his 1983 film Risky Business. When David went to LA in 2007, he paved the way for a new era of football in the United States.

He had just left Real Madrid after four years, and was also a Manchester United and England icon. The tell-all series, released on Wednesday at 8am, sees David and Victoria give an intimate insight into their marriage and early romance, their family life, as well as charting David’s footballing career.

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