Will Smith Reveals His Co-Star Passed Away

Will Smith paid a touching tribute to the beloved dog from the 2007 film I Am Legend in honor of National Pet Day. The Oscar-winning actor shared behind-the-scenes footage of himself with the German Shepherd Abbey, who played the loyal dog Sam in the film. Smith affectionately called Abbey “the goodness girl” in the video, which showcased the pair’s bond during the filming of the movie.



I Am Legend, directed by Francis Lawrence, tells the story of Dr. Robert Neville (played by Smith), a scientist and the last human survivor of a plague that devastated New York City and potentially the world. Neville’s quest is to reverse the effects of the virus using his own immune blood, and throughout the film, he is accompanied by his faithful dog Sam.

Fans expressed their emotional connection to the film in their comments on Smith’s post, reminiscing about Sam’s tragic fate in the movie. Sam’s death, a pivotal moment in the story, left many viewers in tears. Despite the sadness of Sam’s demise in the film, Abbey lived a long and healthy life, celebrating her 16th birthday in 2022.

A sequel to I Am Legend has been confirmed, with Smith reprising his role as Dr. Robert Neville alongside Michael B. Jordan. The follow-up dystopian movie will take place a few decades after the original film and will explore the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse in New York.


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