Will Smith Reveals ‘Misjudgement’ Of Marriage

Will Smith has opened up further about his enduring relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith, despite the challenges and controversies they’ve faced in recent years. Addressing the public scrutiny they’ve endured, particularly after Jada revealed their separation in 2016 and the subsequent headlines, Smith expressed his intention for their personal experiences to be shared in a way that could potentially benefit others.



In an interview for “360 with Speedy,” Smith explained his desire for his life to be helpful to others, even if it means discussing personal matters publicly. He acknowledged that while he expected some scrutiny, he perhaps misjudged the extent of it, but remains committed to sharing his experiences for the greater good.

Smith emphasized the importance of examining one’s life and learning from both successes and failures. He hinted that 2024 would likely see further revelations about his and Jada’s shared experiences, albeit with more artistry and delicacy. He sees this process as part of everyone’s journey to evolve, elevate, and learn how to love and interact better.

Despite the public nature of his personal life, Smith remains confident and unphased, believing that sharing his experiences does not give others an advantage over him. He views his life as a source of learning and growth for others, emphasizing the importance of using one’s experiences to fuel personal development and not holding onto them indefinitely.

“I actually did intend for them to be that way. I want my life to be helpful,” said the seasoned entertainer after being asked about the dizzying frenzy he and his wife faced last year. Admittedly so, Will added, “the only misjudgment I felt of that is that the world wouldn’t be gentle.”

He continued, “I want my life to be examined, and if I can learn something that will help you, if I can say something in this interview that when you leave, you’re like, ‘D**n, that was great,’ Will got bitten down, you know, that road; now Speedy don’t have to go down that one, right. So, there certainly can be more artistry in the delivery of the gift, but I want to be able to talk about the things I’ve done right [and] the things I’ve done wrong and be able to deliver them for people to look at, you know. To me, an unexamined life is almost worthless, you know.”

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