Will Smith Reveals Truth About Jackie Chan And His…

On April 7th, Will Smith took to Instagram to celebrate the 70th birthday of the legendary Jackie Chan, a figure to whom he owes immense gratitude and admiration.



Their bond traces back to 2010 when Jackie starred alongside Will’s son, Jaden Smith, in the remake of “The Karate Kid,” a production Will and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith were involved in. Reflecting on their time together on set in Beijing, Will shared a series of heartfelt photos, capturing moments of camaraderie and shared experiences. In one image, the trio beams with joy against a backdrop of scenic mountains, while others capture behind-the-scenes glimpses of Jackie imparting his wisdom to young Jaden.

Will expressed profound appreciation for Jackie’s role not only in creating unforgettable cinematic moments but also in influencing Jaden’s upbringing, emphasizing the lasting impact their time together had on their family. Fans flooded the post with birthday wishes and nostalgic sentiments, marveling at the enduring legacy of both stars.

Meanwhile, Jackie himself reflected on reaching this milestone age, acknowledging the fortune of growing old and expressing gratitude for the journey, especially as a member of the stunt community where longevity is a rare blessing.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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