Will Smith Reveals Truth About Tom Cruise

According to AOL, the season finale of Hart to Heart featured an engaging and humorous conversation between Kevin Hart and Will Smith. During the episode, the two superstars delved into the topic of Smith’s marketability as a movie star early in his career and how he worked his way up to becoming one of the most marketable actors, alongside the legendary Tom Cruise.



Smith credited Cruise as a blueprint for promotions, explaining how he took promotional efforts seriously and how he studied everything Cruise did to outdo him in terms of marketing. This led to a lighthearted moment when Hart playfully remarked about Cruise being “a close talker,” a reference to the Seinfeld character who notoriously invades personal space during conversations.

Taking it in stride, Smith defended Cruise’s close-talking tendencies, saying that Cruise simply wants others to understand what he’s saying. The two actors then playfully mimicked an intense conversation with Cruise, getting in close to each other’s faces and talking rapidly, ending the humorous exchange with Hart imitating Cruise’s laugh.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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