Will Smith Son Melts Down Over ‘Skinny’ Photo Leak

Jaden Smith recently took to social media to share before-and-after photos of himself, highlighting a transformation in his physique. In the post, he called out those who continue to share older images of him when he was slimmer while overlooking his current more muscular appearance.



In his post, the 25-year-old artist and actor acknowledged the presence of “haters” who tend to focus on his past appearance, represented by the image on the left, while disregarding his present physique, depicted on the right. Jaden expressed his desire for the freedom to go through different phases in life without undue scrutiny, stating, “Like , Damn Can A Man Have His Phases‍♂️.”

Jaden’s journey to his current physique has been notable. In the past, his parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, along with other family members, staged an intervention due to concerns about his health. They were worried that he was “wasting away” and appeared “drained” and “depleted” due to his vegan diet. Jaden admitted that he was eating very few meals a day, sometimes just one substantial meal.

Two years later, Jaden revealed that he had been working with doctors to address his health concerns and had gained 10 pounds. During this time, he also mentioned his ability to put on muscle, hinting at his physical transformation.

Notably, Jaden’s father, Will Smith, also underwent a significant weight loss transformation, sharing his journey on the Red Table Talk show. He mentioned his weight dropping from 225 pounds to 195 pounds for a movie role, “Emancipation,” and posted a photo of himself in “the worst shape of my life” before his transformation.

Jaden Smith’s social media post serves as a reminder of his personal growth and transformation, while also advocating for the acceptance of different phases in one’s life journey.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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