Will Smith Truth About Divorce Prenup Revealed

Popular actor Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith recently explained the reason why the couple decided on not having a prenuptial agreement.



In an interview with Parade, the Worthy author shared the reason they decided against the measure before marrying on Dec. 31, 1997.

“Listen, weddings are beautiful, but they can be very romanticized,” Jada, 52, told the outlet.

“I feel that was a very real moment for the two of us to look each other in the eyes, recognize that there would be tough times in this journey and to say to each other, ‘No matter what, we’re going to figure it out, and that’s why we don’t need a prenup, because I’m making a promise that divorce won’t be necessary, that we will figure this out,'” she explained.

The actress continued, “And we made that promise to each other without all of the bridal wedding beauty; it was just sitting on a log in his mother’s backyard, and going, ‘Hey.’ Having to really look at the possibility of us not being together.”

Jada also told Parade how she and Will continue to support and uphold each other through ups and downs.

“We all have our romanticized ideas of how it all should be, and it might not show up in that way,” she says. “But at the end of the day, do you have someone at your side that you’re willing to go through tough times with and they’re willing to go through tough times with you? I’m very lucky that I can say, ‘Yes, I have someone that’s willing to do that.’ ”


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