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In the realm of Hollywood relationships, the journey of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has been nothing short of complex. What can we say about this couple that hasn’t already been said or memed before? This power couple has been refreshingly open about their unconventional approach, discussing their experiences of exploring relationships outside of their marriage. While professing an unwavering love for one another, their candid revelations on an episode of Red Table Talk have left many pondering the true nature of their union. Interestingly, Jada Smith has found solace and personal growth through her involvement in a particular film role, shedding light on her struggles and providing insights into her partnership with Will Smith.



One cinematic endeavor that proved to be transformative for Jada was her involvement in the 2015 comedy-drama Magic Mike XXL, yes, you heard that right. Magic Mike made it all happen. Alongside the talented actor Channing Tatum is where everyone’s world changed. In this film, Jada delved into a character that helped her gain a deeper understanding of men, including her husband, Will Smith.

Magic Mike XXL, the second installment of the Magic Mike franchise, revolves around a group of male strippers and their escapades. Jada Smith portrays the owner of a male strip club, bringing forth a unique perspective. She revealed that it was Tatum, the film’s lead star, who extended the offer to her.

Immersing herself in this project, Jada found immense enjoyment in her role and ensured she didn’t miss a beat when it came to the dance routines. However, there was one aspect she openly admitted to disliking—thongs. “I always found the best seat in the house. But I’ve got to be honest. I’m not a big fan of thongs,” she candidly shared.

During the filming process, Jada also observed notable differences in how her male co-stars behaved in the presence and absence of their partners. This allowed her to witness firsthand how men interact when women are not around. These experiences became valuable insights, contributing to her understanding of men, including her enigmatic husband, Will Smith. The movie served as a catalyst for Jada in navigating her husband’s sometimes unpredictable behavior.

In the wake of her involvement in Magic Mike XXL, Jada found herself relishing those playful moments and actively engaging in them, rather than simply tolerating them. This newfound perspective prompted her to emphasize the importance of accepting one’s partner as they are. By participating in and appreciating Will’s playfulness, she discovered a renewed enjoyment in their relationship.

Jada Smith urges individuals to embrace all facets of their partners, advocating for the acceptance of both their positive and negative qualities. This valuable lesson stems from her own journey alongside Will Smith. She emphasizes the significance of loving the entirety of one’s partner, acknowledging the god and devil within them. Walking hand-in-hand through every situation requires a profound love, a deep connection, and a genuine friendship.

It is worth noting that Jada Pinkett Smith had previously admitted her struggle with the idea of traditional marriage, confessing that she didn’t envision herself fitting into the mold. While she had no qualms about being in a relationship with the Men in Black star, the concept of marriage itself presented a personal challenge.