Will Smith Wife ‘Infatuated’ With Dating Woman

The Smith family has been quite controversial and has got media attention for years. Jada Pinkett’s decades-long marriage with Will Smith has acted as a lightning rod for controversies. But it hasn’t affected the two’s bond with their children, and Pinkett hasn’t shied away from engaging in frank discussions with her 20-year-daughter when she opened up about her sexuality in an episode of Red Table Talk.



It has been noted that The Red Table Talk show has witnessed its fair share of drama surrounding the Smith family. And back in 2021, the Set It Off star was left surprised after Willow Smith made a bold claim about what she expects her mother to do if her marriage with the Men in Black Star ever fails.

After Willow Smith claimed that she could see her mother pursuing a romantic bond with another woman if her marriage fails with Will Smith, the Set it Off star was left a bit flabbergasted.

Responding to her daughter, who previously came out as bisexual in 2019, Jada Pinkett clarified that she couldn’t see her connecting to a woman romantically even though she loves being around them.

However, she didn’t brush off the possibility entirely, as she admitted to being infatuated with two other women in her younger days, but things never went beyond that stage. She explained,

“It wasn’t for me either, I love being amongst women, but I never could connect to women romantically. But it’s not to say that it couldn’t be. You just never know. I’ve had my fair share of swooning and feeling, ‘She’s so beautiful. She’s so talented.’ I’ve had two times [where] I’ve been infatuated with a woman. I’ve swooned two times, early, early on.”

Even though her marriage with Will Smith has come under heavy drama following their tumultuous recent years in the media spotlight, it doesn’t seem the two would part ways anytime soon.

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