Will Smith Wife Is ‘Holding Him Hostage’ Emotionally

In a shocking turn of events, Ana Navarro has reached a breaking point with the relentless drama encircling Hollywood power couple, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. During a jaw-dropping episode of “The View” on Monday, the fearless host made a stunning declaration, asserting that the celebrated actor finds himself an emotional “prisoner” within his marriage. Yet, she made it abundantly clear that she’s had her fill and won’t be rushing to defend him any further.



According to The Wrap – In the midst of the show’s Hot Topics discussion, Sunny Hostin revealed a surprising twist – she had heeded a friend’s counsel and embarked on the journey of reading Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir, the very source of the explosive revelations surrounding the actress’ tumultuous marriage. This revelation, however, prompted Hostin to confess that her perception of Jada has transformed significantly, as the memoir provides an unfiltered glimpse into the star’s truth, infused with much-needed context. But, Ana Navarro, unlike her co-host, remained resolute and unmoved. In fact, her allegiance to Will Smith appeared to wane as she delivered a gut-punching verdict.

“Listen, I’ve had enough of this whole Jada situation, and I won’t be rushing to Will’s defense anymore, not after witnessing him so staunchly support her,” Navarro declared, her voice tinged with frustration. “I genuinely believe that Will is ensnared emotionally, but you know what? It’s their personal quagmire.”

Sunny Hostin attempted to sway Navarro to her perspective, urging her to delve into the book in its entirety, hinting that it might lead to a paradigm shift in her opinions. Navarro, however, remained unyielding, rebuffing the suggestion with an ironclad stance. She was adamant that she wouldn’t contribute financially to the ongoing saga.

“I refuse to read that book!” Navarro shot back with a fiery intensity. “I’m not about to part with my hard-earned cash to support her emasculation of Will, broadcasting their woes to the world!”

In a surprising twist, Navarro disclosed her true literary appetite, a forthcoming biography—of none other than Mitt Romney. The reason behind her curiosity was that it contained scathing critiques of fellow Republicans, and she gleefully shared some of her preferred excerpts from the work.

This isn’t the first time Navarro has let loose her criticisms at Jada Pinkett Smith. When the bombshell-filled memoir first dropped earlier this month, Navarro didn’t mince words, accusing the actress of exploiting those bombshells for publicity.

“Let’s face it, she’s nurturing a relationship with her bank account,” Navarro had exclaimed at the time. “Whenever she needs a ratings boost for the Red Table or wants to peddle books, she drops these earth-shattering revelations. I find it utterly distasteful.”

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