Will Smith Wife Reveals They Cried In Emotional….

On a special day that marked the celebration of his birth, Jada Pinkett Smith took to social media to express her profound love and warm wishes for her husband, Will Smith. In a touching message, she affectionately referred to him as “Willard,” revealing an intimate and personal side to their relationship. She admitted they have cried together in the emotional post.



The message began with a heartfelt expression of gratitude for Will’s birth, acknowledging that his existence brought immeasurable joy into her life. Jada emphasized the profound significance of their family and how it has been the greatest source of happiness for her. This sentiment highlighted the deep bond they share, not just as a couple but also as a family unit.

As she continued, Jada reflected on the journey they have undertaken together, describing it as a “Divine assignment.” This choice of words conveyed a sense of destiny and purpose in their union, implying that their connection was meant to be. She acknowledged the challenges and triumphs they have faced along the way, signifying the resilience and strength of their partnership.

One notable aspect of their journey that Jada celebrated was the ability to find laughter amidst moments of tears. This suggested a profound connection where they could share not only joy but also comfort in times of sorrow. It emphasized the importance of emotional support and understanding within their relationship.

Furthermore, Jada expressed her appreciation for Will’s influence on her life, stating that he had taught her to embrace all aspects of life with a smile. This acknowledgment of personal growth and positivity reflected the transformative impact of their relationship and the valuable lessons they’ve learned from each other.

I am so glad you were born on this day. Without you I would not have experienced the greatest joy of my life… the love of our family. On this Divine assignment we’ve chosen to walk together, I am grateful for the wells of laughter along the trails of tears we’ve shared. Thank you for helping me learn to embrace it all … with a smile. Here’s to 100+ more birthdays full of growth, acceptance and joy♥️

In closing, Jada extended warm wishes to Will for many more birthdays to come, specifically hoping for over 100 more. This wish symbolized her optimism for a long and fulfilling life together, characterized by continuous growth, acceptance, and boundless joy.

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Harrison Carter
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