Will Smith Wife Wanted To ‘Procreate’ With Big Name

Jada Pinkett Smith, while filming the movie “Magic Mike XXL,” found it difficult to resist the allure of the fit and attractive male strippers on set. Despite being married to Will Smith, she admitted to being enamored with her co-stars, particularly Matt Bomer. During an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Smith confessed that she was tempted by the physical attractiveness of the men in the makeup room and had to control her impulses. However, she did give in to her desires to some extent by caressing Matt Bomer’s chest multiple times.



Realizing the potential implications of her actions, Smith apologized to Bomer for her behavior, expressing her awareness that if the roles were reversed, it would be considered inappropriate. Fortunately, Bomer was understanding and did not take any legal action against her.

So, I walk on my set for the first time, my club, and at my club, it’s just chocolate tastiness. It’s just 10, 11… 12 chocolate men getting greased down by the makeup department. And literally, I walked on the set, and my knee buckled.”

And for the first time in my life that other head, below, started talking to me: ‘Procreate, procreate, procreate, procreate. My top head was like, ‘Jada, there is not a Will Smith on this set, you can’t procreate with nobody.’

Smith’s involvement in the film was influenced by Channing Tatum, who convinced her to join the project. She appreciated Tatum’s sincerity in wanting to tell a meaningful story about the adult entertainment industry. In her role as Rome, the nightclub owner, Smith aimed to bring a feminine and unique perspective to the character, as the role was originally written for a man. She believes that acting allows her to explore different realities of life without actually experiencing them firsthand.

It’s worth noting that this information is based on the provided source and may not reflect the entirety of Jada Pinkett Smith’s experiences or perspectives.


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