Will Smith Wife ‘Worried’ About His Health When…

Jada Pinkett Smith recently made headlines as she revealed her intention to eventually reunite with her estranged husband, Will Smith, to care for him in his old age. This revelation follows her earlier bombshell interview where she disclosed their separation since 2016 and addressed the public’s unfounded blame on her for Will’s altercation with Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars.



During an interview with The Times, Jada disclosed her likelihood of moving back in with Will, emphasizing his aging process and the probable need for assistance. Despite their seven-year separation, the couple has maintained a public façade, and Jada’s recent comments shed light on their unorthodox relationship dynamic.

Married for almost three decades, the couple’s enduring bond has weathered various challenges, including Jada’s entanglement controversy with singer August Alsina, which they chose not to address publicly. Jada acknowledged that the decision not to divorce felt right for both of them, citing a need to break away from immature expectations of marriage.

Although the specific reasons behind their separation remain undisclosed, Jada highlighted the challenges of being in the public eye and dealing with unwarranted blame. She specifically addressed the incident involving Chris Rock, where Will slapped the comedian at the Oscars, explaining that the public’s reaction was fueled by a misguided narrative surrounding her relationship with Alsina.

In the same interview, Jada expressed her initial disbelief at the altercation, initially assuming it was a scripted performance. With her forthcoming book, “Worthy,” set to delve further into her life’s journey, including her complex relationship with the late rapper Tupac Shakur and her marriage to Will, more intriguing details are expected to emerge, ensuring continued interest in her personal narrative.

“I think eventually we will [live together again.] I really do. Will’s getting old,” said Jada, who currently lives in her own house in Calabasas, within the same vicinity as Will’s own.

She added, “I’m staying quite young, but it’s getting apparent to me that he’s gonna need someone to take care of him.”

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