Will Smith’s Wife Drops Adult Videos Bombshell

Jada Pinkett Smith has candidly revealed her past struggle with a porn addiction before her marriage to Will Smith. In a 2019 episode of her series Red Table Talk, Jada admitted to an unhealthy relationship with pornography, consuming it up to five times a day. The Girls Trip actress shared that she turned to porn during a period of abstinence, explaining that it originated from an emotional void she was attempting to fill.



Acknowledging the detrimental effects of pornography, Jada expressed concern about false expectations it creates, particularly for men. She sarcastically noted the unrealistic notion that men should always be ready for sex, and women should unquestioningly enjoy it.

“What I was doing was unhealthy, I had a relationship with pornography that was not good for me. I consumed it up to five times a day.

“[…] But it’s actually not and reading some of the effects of pornography, like the idea that it gives you false expectations…I can definitely see that with men […] [sarcastically] A woman should always be willing and ready, he should be ready to have sex however he wants and you should enjoy it no matter what.”

While discussing her past habits, Jada mentioned that she grew up in a household that instilled shame, and watching porn provided a sense of freedom. She emphasized the lack of cultural exploration for women in terms of sexual preferences and behaviors, as societal constraints have limited women’s ability to explore similar to men.

Jada, who is currently married to actor Will Smith, acknowledged the unnatural aspects of the porn industry, highlighting the unrealistic portrayal of actors as perpetually energetic. Despite her criticism of the industry, she admitted to benefiting from watching it.

Addressing her relationship with Will Smith, Jada disclosed regret over initiating their connection while he was still married to his former wife, Sheree Zampino. She admitted to not fully understanding marriage and divorce at the time, expressing that she probably should have held back. The couple, who met in 1994 and started dating a year later, married on New Year’s Eve in 1997. However, recent reports suggest that they have been separated since 2015, following Jada’s involvement in an “entanglement” with singer August Alsina. Despite reconciling, they separated again in 2016 and have remained apart since.

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