Will Smith’s ‘Wife’ Literally Cucks Him On SNL

Ego Nwodim’s portrayal of Jada Pinkett Smith on a recent “Weekend Update” segment became a standout moment on Saturday Night Live, where the show humorously dissected Jada’s recent high-profile media appearances and revelations surrounding her marriage to Will Smith.



In the skit, a seemingly weary Nwodim’s Jada jokingly mentioned her multiple appearances on the Today show, quipping, “Sorry if I seem a little tired. I’ve been on the Today show 14 times in three days.” Touching on their unconventional marriage, the faux Jada disclosed, “The day we got married, I knew there was going to be trouble. At our wedding, someone stood up and objected.” When pressed about the identity of the objector, she humorously admitted, “It was me. Yeah, it was me.”

With a humorous twist, the skit highlighted Jada’s staunch opposition to the idea of divorce, with the faux Jada insisting that divorce was never an option for her. Mockingly asserting her principles, she jested, “If we got divorced, he could mess around and end up happy. And I can’t have that.”

The segment alluded to Jada’s real-life statement about how a public slap from Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars rekindled the flame in her marriage, with the faux Jada humorously stating that it made her feel like “his wife” again. Jokingly revealing her strategy for potential rough patches, she comically suggested, “The next time we hit a rough patch, I’m going to ask Will to shoot Kevin Hart.”

The humorous SNL skit provided a satirical take on the media frenzy surrounding Jada’s recent disclosures and offered a lighthearted perspective on her high-profile marriage. For more on the comical portrayal and additional details about the real-life revelations from Jada’s memoir, the video of the skit is available for viewing.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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