Will Smith’s Wife Reveals Truth To Trump’s Girl

According to People, actor Will Smith expressed profound pride in his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, as she achieved a remarkable milestone with her latest accomplishment. Jada’s book, “Worthy,” secured a notable position on the esteemed New York Times bestsellers list, debuting impressively at No. 4 for nonfiction books, driven by robust combined print and e-book sales.



Celebrating the achievement, Jada, 52, took to Instagram, expressing her gratitude to the RTT family and the Worthy Warriors, along with everyone who sought to understand her story beyond mere headlines. In a heartfelt video message, Jada acknowledged the accomplishment of other female authors gracing the top five of the bestsellers list, including Rachel Maddow, Cassidy Hutchinson, and Dolly Parton, highlighting the significance of their collective achievement in a traditionally male-dominated sphere. Reflecting on the historical context, she emphasized the significant strides made by women in the literary realm, symbolizing a powerful triumph for female voices in the publishing industry.

It is to be noted that Cassidy Hutchinson worked for Donald Trump in the past as well.

“I was sitting here thinking that there was a time where women actually had to take on the names of men in order to be published, and here we have four women at the top of the bestsellers list,” she said, adding, “… I’m deeply grateful.”

Supporting his wife’s triumph, Will, 55, showered her with accolades in the comment section, celebrating her new status as a “New York Times Best Selling Author” and commending her on the remarkable achievement.

In a touching moment, Jada shared an intimate excerpt from a letter penned by Will in response to reading her memoir, “Worthy,” during an episode of “On Purpose with Jay Shetty.” In his heartfelt letter, Will, who has his own memoir titled “Will,” expressed his astonishment at the emotional journey encapsulated within Jada’s book, acknowledging the raw vulnerability and candid storytelling that had deeply moved him. Affectionately, he commended Jada’s unique blend of strength and sensitivity, acknowledging her courage in delving into her personal narrative and reclaiming her self-worth.

In her announcement of the book earlier this year, Jada emphasized the significance of reclaiming her narrative, confronting the misconceptions surrounding her life that had perpetuated over the years. Promising a profound and introspective journey, she described “Worthy” as a compelling exploration of self-discovery, resilience, and unearthing the unspoken truths that define her journey.


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