Will Smith’s Wife Was ‘Threatened’ At Ozzy Osbourne Show

Hollywood luminary Jada Pinkett Smith consistently captures the limelight, both for her notable contributions to the entertainment world and her captivating personal journey. Known for her remarkable performances in blockbuster films and television series, Pinkett Smith’s talents extend far beyond acting. Much like her husband, Will Smith, a distinguished star in his own right, she has also ventured into the realm of music. While Will Smith was immersed in the world of hip-hop, Jada Pinkett Smith’s musical inclination leaned towards heavy metal, leading her to embark on a music career with the nu-metal band Wicked Wisdom.



Pinkett Smith’s foray into music, however, was not without its challenges. Despite her fervor for heavy metal and her determination to bring a fresh perspective to the genre, her musical endeavor drew criticism and even resulted in death threats directed towards her. The multi-faceted artist shared that these threats, fueled by disapproval of her band’s inclusion in the Ozzfest lineup, left her feeling scared and threatened.

Reflecting on this tumultuous period, Pinkett Smith expressed her deep appreciation for her husband’s unwavering support. Will Smith, a pillar of strength during her ordeal, stood by her side and managed the difficult situation with grace. Pinkett Smith’s decision to join Wicked Wisdom was met with mockery and scorn, yet she and her band ultimately secured a spot at the renowned Ozzfest music festival. Despite vehement opposition and threats, her husband’s steadfastness and encouragement empowered her to forge ahead with her musical aspirations.

The Ozzfest kids were like, “Hell no,” and I got tons of death threats,” she shared. The Girls Trip actress said that she did not pay attention to such things, and her husband, Will Smith, “dealt with it.” Not only did he take care of the death threats, but Pinkett Smith has said that she admires her husband for not asking her to back out because of the death threats.

“It got to the point my husband considered, but never did, which I respect him for, asking me not to do it,” she stated. Despite all that, she has shared that working on metal music has been one of the “biggest learning experiences” for her.

Amid the uproar and negativity, Pinkett Smith found solace in her husband’s resolute stance. She commended his fortitude, revealing that he even contemplated asking her to reconsider her involvement in light of the death threats. However, he ultimately chose not to, a decision that Pinkett Smith holds in high regard. The actress and musician attested to the profound learning experience that her venture into metal music provided her, and she expressed gratitude for the invaluable support of her spouse throughout the challenging journey.

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