Will Vince McMahon Fire Paige From WWE?

The former WWE Divas Champion Paige is one of the most talented wrestlers that the WWE Universe has seen. She was the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion at a time when WWE was just starting to take women’s wrestling more seriously. She was also a two-time WWE Divas Champion.



However, she has been involved mostly in non-wrestling roles since her career was shortened due to injury. She had announced her retirement from the in-ring competition in April of 2018. She went on to become the general manager of SmackDown. She also contributed to WWE Backstage in 2019. Paige hasn’t appeared in person on camera since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020 and fans had been wondering about her contract status. She was recently outraged by a major WWE firing.

Why Paige was not let go by WWE?

It was previously reported that a WWE creative staff said there were no plans to bring her back to the show in March of this year. Paige still remains under WWE contract. Dave Meltzer talked about why she’s still with the company on the latest Wrestling Observer Live:

“She’s still employed, and I don’t know when they call her with an idea, then that’s what she does. When they don’t call her she doesn’t do a lot. Yeah, you know I can’t really give an answer [about why she hasn’t been released] it’s probably, you know who knows?

It’s probably maybe they feel there’s value in her in appearances and as far as things like that that her name’s strong enough to keep her employed and worth it for the company and also the injury and the career-ending nature of it there might be some feelings on that as well.”

Paige has also gained followers on her Twitch platform following his stint in WWE. She streams regularly on the platform. Paige has 215,000 followers on the site.

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