Winter Comments on TNA Debut, Dixie Comments on They, RVD News

– Dixie Carter, still keeping with the storylines, wrote the following on Twitter last night:



“Sitting at home watching iMPACT! & ReAction. Interesting to hear a bunch of men try to tear me down, when all they’ve done is fire me up. Understand ReAction tonight is THEY tearing me to shreds & unveiling their plan since DAY 1 to take TNA.”

Later, a fan wrote to Eric Bischoff and said, “if u wanted to truly “sell” what ur doin then maybe take Dixie off Reaction ending credits.”

In a bit of irony, Dixie re-Tweeted the fan’s comment and added her own message: “See how stupid THEY are.”

– Rob Van Dam has just been added to this weekend’s TNA live events in Michigan.

– Winter, formerly known as Katie Lea, wrote the following on Twitter after her TNA debut last night: “thanks for all the positive feedback. that means the world to me. i’m soooo excited!!!!”

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