Winter Discusses WWE Departure, Storyline With Angelina Love, More

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What she learned to appreciate the most after her WWE departure & why she believes that TNA is the place where she’s “supposed to be”: “I learned to enjoy myself at work. I think obviously things happen for a reason, and sometimes you’re at a place of work that doesn’t suit you. I definitely think Impact Wrestling is the place where I am supposed to be. I had my eye on this company for a while, even before I got here. I was so happy to get the opportunity to work here. For me, it’s about coming to work, enjoying working again, and feeling fulfilled as an artist again and a wrestler too.”

Why she has been enjoying her current program with Angelina Love: “I was always a big fan of The Beautiful People. I always thought Angelina did a great job, so to be involved with her, as she is one of the top girls on Impact, is great for me. I am really enjoying it.”

How focused she is on winning the TNA Knockouts Championship, why winning the gold would be “a dream come true,” & if winning the Knockouts Title would prove her critics wrong: “I would love to be Knockouts Champion. That would definitely be a dream come true. I think in terms of proving the doubters wrong, I think people who know my work or know me know that I wasn’t necessarily given the opportunities that I may have done something with if I would have had it. I don’t feel that getting the Knockouts Championship would be like a ‘I’m gonna stick it to you’ thing. It would be an honor in itself to me.”

Getting the opportunity to be a part of TNA’s forthcoming BaseBrawl in Buffalo, NY & why this event will be a historical night for her career: “I haven’t done an event like this before, and I’ve been hearing about it a little bit. I’m looking forward to it. The whole experience: It’s going to be a meet & greet, there’s going to be fireworks. I don’t really know much about baseball, so maybe I’ll get a bit of an education in that area too.”

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