Woman ‘Fought For Life’ As Wrestler Assaulted Her

According to new details revealed by the alleged victim in the case, BJ Whitmer, a former AEW coach, allegedly assaulted her after they broke up. The woman, who spoke with Fox 19 Cincinnati anonymously, stated that Whitmer grabbed her by the throat and threw her down on the couch, where he began strangling her. She described the incident as a fight for her life.



The police report supports the woman’s account, noting red marks and bruising around her neck. Whitmer was arrested on June 4 and spent eight days in prison before being released on a $25,000 bond. He has been charged with first-degree strangulation and second-degree burglary.

The alleged victim has taken measures to ensure her safety, including installing security cameras at her residence and having Boone County sheriff’s deputies randomly patrol her area. However, she still does not feel safe.

Mr. Whitmer grabbed her by the throat and threw her down on the couch, where he began strangling her.”

“I was literally fighting for my life,” the woman said. “I came into my house, and he was standing at the top of my steps waiting for me.”

“And he squeezed tighter and said, ‘I’m going to f****** kill you. Do you hear me? I’m going to kill you!’” She continued. “And once we got to the point of where we stopped moving, and then he continued choking me, I absolutely knew.”

“Instead of coughing, I lied and said, ‘I already called the cops,’ and the second I said that he let go,” she said.

Following news of Whitmer’s arrest, AEW terminated his contract. AEW stated that Whitmer’s behavior is intolerable within the company, and while talent and staff are responsible for their own actions, such behavior is not acceptable.

These new details shed light on the domestic violence charges against BJ Whitmer and the subsequent actions taken by AEW. The legal proceedings will determine the outcome of the case.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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