Woman Involved in Helms Incident Says it Was a ‘Play Fight’

– TMZ.com has a new article up with comments from Ashley Storer, the woman who was involved in the incident with Chris Jericho, Hurricane Helms and Matt Hardy earlier this week that led to Helms and Jericho being arrested for public intoxication.



Storer, who allegedly took an elbow to the face from Helms, says she has no ill feelings towards him and that it was a “play fight” she was involved in. She claims that they were all crammed into the back of the taxi and she got stuck between Helms and Jericho, who began play fighting. Storer says the “play fight” escalated because everyone was drunk.

Storer now says she took an elbow tot he cheek, causing the cab driver to pull over at a gas station where Helms and Jericho were arrested. Storer also claims that Matt Hardy was completely sober.

She also says that the cops blew the whole thing out of proportion but admits she may have made the situation worse because, “I was crying and drunk and tired from being out all night and I just wanted to leave.”

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