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Would Bullet Club work in WWE?

Kenny Omega

  • Gitch

    I selfishly want to see all of these guys in the WWE but I don’t wanna take the chance just to see them not be properly used. That would be even worse to me than them never even signing WWE contracts to begin with. Stay away boys. You’re better off where you’re at now.

  • CC

    And we all know that anyone who makes their name outside of WWE is not necessarily going to get anything. Look at the likes of Finn Balor, Woken Matt Hardy, Galows & Anderson, Nakamura etc etc etc.
    Styles has been the only one who has been given any kind of decent push, and even that was not necessarily down to WWE as it was far more organic.
    If you seriously think anyone from outside is going to get a push bigger than Reigns then you have not been watching WWE for that long.
    Only person in recent years who has been given a bigger push is Lesnar, and that is because he made his name in WWE originally then became an even bigger star through UFC, granting him mainstream attention which then enabled him to negotiate a contract with stipulations that WWE could not bend or back down on.

    Bring in the Young bucks, and they might get a tag reign, but they will soon be in the same spot as former Bullet club members, Gallows and Anderson.
    Cody will be fighting for the Universal title one minute (not winning it), then challenging for the IC the next.

    As for Omega, who knows. WWE can be very very petty.

  • Ernest Gouker

    As the article implies where Cody was when he asked to get released and where he is now is night and day. The naming of the group would come down to the Young Bucks letting wwe use the name of The Elite. And the group wouldn’t be a flash in a pan, I see them more like Undisputed Era. Young Bucks in the raw tag team division automatically makes them the best team there and wouldn’t be shocked to them automatically given the tag team titles aka when the hardy boys returned at mania.

  • Rinn13

    Do you earnestly believe that? They didn’t push Cody like that when he was with them the first time. There’s no way they’re going to push people like the Young Bucks like that. If anything, they’d be a flash in the pan, and knowing WWE, they’d even give them some stupid new name. Like….”The Club”, or worse.

  • M

    Well written article. I hope that the four of them NEVER make the move here. Cody would probably get a McIntyre like return but it will amount to nothing in the end. Kenny would get AJ treatment but overall would be limited due to WWE bs. The Bucks would be treated like Gallows and Anderson. They’re better off continuing this “revolution” than jumping ship to the corporate payday.

  • Ernest Gouker

    If wwe gives them big money which it will take to lure them away from roh n njpw, they will be pushed beyond Romans level.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    From a marketing standpoint yeah people would buy the merch, from a booking standpoint? Well.. just ask

    The NWO
    The Club
    Anybody from WCW or ECW
    Cody Rhodes

    If the bullet club came into the wwe my gut reaction is they’d be dead within 3-6 months with no direction