WrestleMania 26 PPV Results

– The dark match will be a 16 man battle royal. Yoshi Tatsu got the win. We will have more details later on the battle royal. The University of Phoenix Stadium roof is open and it’s said to be the most amazing WrestleMania setup ever. Stay tuned for pay-per-view coverage.



– WrestleMania 26 kicks off from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona with Justin Roberts welcoming us. US fighter jets fly over the top of the stadium before Grammy winning Fantasia starts singing “America, The Beautiful.”

– We go to a nice video package looking at the WWE Superstars of WrestleMania, playing into tonight’s matches. The video focuses on Superstars chasing their WrestleMania moments. The moment is now, it says… welcome to WrestleMania!

– We’re live inside the University of Phoenix Stadium as the pyro explodes and we see the packed house. Michael Cole welcomes us to WrestleMania 26th. The bell rings and we go to the ring.

WWE Unified Tag Team Title Match: John Morrison & R-Truth vs. The Miz & Big Show

R-Truth’s music hits first as he takes us to the ring for tonight’s first match. Truth gets the crowd loud with his entrance music. Out next is his tag team partner John Morrison. The WrestleMania set is huge and looks amazing. Morrison doesn’t even make it to the ring before the music of the WWE Tag Team Champions hits and out comes Big Show and The Miz.

Morrison and Miz will be starting things out for their teams. Morrison is able to get a hammerlock, but Miz fights out of it and stomps at Morrison. Miz turns his back, only to turn around into a dropkick. Morrison slams Miz and tags out to Truth, who comes in with a top rope leg drop on Miz that’s good for a two count. Truth does the splits to avoid a punch from Miz, and gets Miz with a back kick, but Miz tags out to Show. Truth tries to hit Show with a cross body, but he’s caught and hit with a fall away slam instead. Show pushes Morrison off the apron and chops Truth’s chest. Show climbs the ropes, but Morrison hits a kick that knocks Show down. Miz and Morrison are back in and Morrison is dominating Miz with a flap jack and a kick to the face.

Morrison tries for the starship pain but Show pulls him out of the ring. Miz tries for the SCF, but Morrison fights out. Show hits the knockout punch out of nowhere, tags in, and pins Morrison, getting the three count.

Winners: Big Show and The Miz

– We go back ringside to Cole, Lawler and Striker. They lead us into a video package showing some of the events from WrestleMania 26 week.

Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes

We go to the ring for tonight’s triple threat match with members of Legacy. Out first is Ted DiBiase followed by Cody Rhodes and finally Randy Orton, all to their own themes. Orton gets a large pop from the crowd. The bell rings and here we go.

Cody and Ted begin to stalk Randy. DiBiase and Rhodes tried to corner Orton, who tried to keep his space while throwing a forearm at DiBiase and a kick at Rhodes. Orton went in and out of the ring, getting Cody to follow. Orton hit DiBiase with a clothesline, then knocked Rhodes out of the ring as he got in. Orton kicked DiBiase, then dropkicked Rhodes. DiBiase caught Orton with a dropkick, and then the double team began with Rhodes and DiBiase stomping Orton down. Rhodes and DiBiase trash talked Orton, then took turns holding him with the other punched him. Orton tried to fight back, but was given a double vertical suplex.

DiBiase and Rhodes taunted Orton, then kicked him down in a corner. They whipped Orton into a corner, and Orton came out swinging, until DiBiase nailed him with a clothesline. DiBiase hit Orton with another clothesline while Rhodes clipped Orton’ leg. Rhodes gave Orton a kneedrop, then went to climb the ropes. While he did that, DiBiase tried to make a cover. Rhodes broke it up, and the two argued. Rhodes threw DiBiase out of the ring and hit the Alabama Slam. Rhodes covered, and DiBiase broke it up. They argued, and DiBiase slugged Rhodes. Rhodes responded by tackling DiBiase, and they rolled to the floor and brawled.

Rhodes and DiBiase rolled back in and kept punching. They two realized Orton was getting up, so they stopped fighting and charged him. Orton backdropped DiBiase, slugged Rhodes, then gave DiBiase and Rhodes each a powerslam. DiBiase rolled out of the ring, and Orton gave Rhodes a side backbreaker. The fans chanted for an “RKO” and Orton measured Rhodes for it, but DiBiase pulled him out of the ring. DiBiase and Orton slugged it out on the floor, and Rhodes went for a pescado. Orton moved, and Rhodes landed on DiBiase.

Orton rolled back into the ring, and DiBiase got on the apron. Orton kicked him and grabbed his head. Rhodes got on the apron as well, and Orton kicked him. Orton grabbed Rhodes and DiBiase and hit a double elevated DDT with both men hanging off the ropes. Orton kicked DiBiase out of the ring, and began measuring Rhodes for an RKO. Orton then changed his mind, and instead lined up for a punt. Orton punted Rhodes in the head. DiBiase got in the ring, grabbed Orton from behind and went for Dream Street. Orton armdragged out of it, hit DiBiase with the RKO and got the pin on DiBiase at the nine minute mark.

Winner: Randy Orton

– We go backstage where Vickie Guerrero has Josh Matthews read a promo that puts her over. Vickie says this WrestleMania will be known as the one where she had a match. Vickie stands with her team for tonight as Jillian Hall starts singing. Santino Marella appears to plug Slim Jims. He snaps into one and Jillian turns into Mae Young. He bites again and it turns into Gene Okerlund in a dress. Finally Gene turns into Melina and that’s it.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Kofi Kingston vs. MVP vs. Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Kane vs. Christian

We go to the ring where the briefcase is hanging up high for Money in the Bank. Out comes Kofi Kingston, MVP, Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne, Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, Dolph Ziggler, the WWE Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre, Kane and Christian. The ladders are laying around the ring as we get ready to go.

The match starts with chaos with action going in and outside of the ring. Kane had control but Drew McIntyre started beating him down. McIntyre sets the first ladder up in the ring. Hardy pushes it over with him on it. Evan Bourne comes in as Hardy gives McIntyre Twist of Fate.

All the participants battle on the ladder. Evan Bourne just touched the briefcase but Kane, Hardy and Swagger fight him off. Kane tosses Bourne to the outside onto Shelton Benjamin. Hardy and Swagger battle it out on top of the ladder. Kingston tosses a ladder into Swagger and Hardy who are on another ladder. Christian throws a ladder into Hardy and Swagger who are trapped in the corner before monkey flipping Kingston into the ladder, sandwiching Swagger and Hardy. Ziggler pulls Christian off the ladder with a big backstabber, and tries to climb himself, but he’s pulled off by MVP, who’s in turn pulled off by Kane. Shelton and Kofi sandwich Kane with a ladder, and he and MVP and Shelton use a ladder to sandwich Kane in the corner, Kofi runs up the ladder, but he’s powerbombed by Kane.

Benjamin is close to gaining the briefcase, but Swagger puts him down with a ladder, before slamming the ladder into several other participants. Bourne comes out of nowhere with a double knees to Swagger and the ladder to take him out. Swagger is in the middle of the ladder, and Hardy and Christian both use ladders to sandwish Swagger’s midsection. Hardy and Christian climb the ladder, while Bourne climbs the side. Swagger pulls the ladder out from under Hardy, and Bourne kicks Christian off the other ladder before hitting Air Bourne from off the ladder onto Christian.

Bourne tries for the briefcase, but Hardy is there and he throws Bourne off the top. Hardy is almost able to grab the briefcase, but Swagger comes up from behind, and pushes him off the top of the ladder, on top of the ladder propped up in the ring. Swagger also falls off onto another ladder propped against the ropes. MVP and Shelton are up on the ladder now and Shelton sends MVP off. MVP retaliates, trying to powerbomb Shelton, but Benjamin retaliates with a hurricarana to the outside. Kane is outside with a ladder and he hits both MVP and Shelton. Kane is in the ring and he tries to climb the ladder, but Ziggler is in, climbing over Kane. Kane pushes over the ladder to knock Ziggler off before throwing the ladder at Ziggler, Ziggler ducks but eats a right hand.

Kane chokeslams Ziggler on the ladder before sandwiching him in between and slamming the ladder up and down on top of Ziggler. Kane ends up ripping the ladder apart. Kofi sends Kane to the outside, and uses both pieces of the ladder as stilts, trying to climb all the way to the top. McIntyre is in, knocking one of the legs away, and pushing the other, with Kofi on it, into the ropes. McIntyre grabs a ladder and climbs, but Matt Hardy is in on the other side. Hardy and McIntyre fight at the top with McIntyre sending Hardy to the mat. Hardy retaliates, pushing the ladder into the ropes where McIntyre crotches himself.

Hardy climbs the ladder and gets his hands on the brifcse, but Kane pushes another ladder, with Christian on it, into Hardy’s ladder. Kane climbs the other side, opposite Hardy and Christian, and he tries for a double chokeslam, but Christian and Hardy fight him off, only to turn their attention to each other. Hardy tries for a twist of fate, but Christian reverses with into a reverse DDT from the top of the ladder. Christian climbs both ladders in the middle of the ring, but Swagger pulls one away. Christian climbs the other ladder, but Swagger is up after him. Both men fight at the top of the ladder, but Swagger uses the briefcase, slamming it into Christian’s face. Swagger goes for the briefcase but he has trouble unhooking it. After what seems like forever, Swagger gets the briefcase down, and he is Mr. Money in the Bank.

Winner: Jack Swagger

– We get a promo for WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view. The announcers lead us into a video package from last night’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. They bring the 2010 WWE Hall of Fame class out on the stage with the Hart family being there for Stu Hart.

Triple H vs. Sheamus

We get a video package showing events leading up to the Sheamus vs. Triple H feud. Out first for the next match comes Sheamus to some heat. Triple H’s music hits next and out he comes to a nice pop from the crowd. Triple H takes his time with the entrance as we get ready to go.

Sheamus and HHH lock up, and Sheamus backs Triple H up into the corner, where he breaks with a shove. He tells Hunter that he’s the future and he’s the Celtic Warrior. HHH puts Sheamus in the corner, but also doesn’t break clean, slapping Sheamus across the face. HHH hits a series of right hands and he tries for the pedigree early, but Sheamus is able to fight out of it.

Sheamus sends Triple H into the corner, but quickly eats a dropkick. Triple H hits a suplex, and follows up with a knee, but a cover only yeilds a two count for Triple H. Sheamus rolls to the outside, and Hunter follows, slamming his head into the barricade and sending him back into the ring. Back in the ring, Hunter goes to work on Sheamus’ legs, locking in the figure four. Sheamus is able to get to the ropes to break the hold and he rolls back to the outside.

Triple H follows Sheamus to the outside, but he finds himself being rammed into the steel rings steps. Sheamus breaks the count, and he slams Triple H into the barricade before sending him back into the ring, hitting an elbow to Triple H’s throat on the way back in. Back in the ring, Triple H hits a right hand out of nowhere, but Sheamus responds with a urunage backbreaker. Another urunage backbreaker puts Triple H down again.

Sheamus beats on Triple H in the corner, slamming his thigh into Triple H’s head before choking and stomping away at Triple H. Sheamus poses for the crowd to a lot of heat. Sheamus continues the beatdown in the corner on Triple H, being pulled away by the ref. Sheamus and Triple H trade right hands, with Sheamus getting the upper hand with an axe handle to the head. Sheamus tries for the cover but he only gets two.

Sheamus beats on Triple H for a bit before going for another cover, again good for two. Sheamus locks in a rear chin lock and buries his knee in Triple H’s back. Triple H gets up to his feet, but Sheamus transitions right into a powerslam that’s good for another near fall. Sheamus locks in a submission hold focusin on Triple H’s neck and shoulder. Triple H fights up to his feet and Sheamus changes it up into a sleeper that puts Triple H back down.

Triple H is back up and out of the sleeper with a back body drop. Sheamus charges Triple H in the corner but eats a couple of his boots for his trouble. Triple H fights out of a slam and hits a DDT to change the momentum. Triple H and Sheamus trade right hands in the center of the ring, and Triple H gets the upper hand. Triple H hits the high knee and he’s back in this one. Face buster from Triple H is good for a near fall.Triple H ducks a clothesline and tries for a pedigree but Sheamus counters. Triple H hits a neckbreaker that’s good for a two count.

Triple H puts Sheamus on the top turnbuckle and he climbs up, hitting Sheamus. Sheamus ducks out of it, and he tries for the razor’s edge but Triple H fights out. Sheamus tries for his big kick, but Triple H fights out. Pedigree attempt but Sheamus fights out again and he hits his huge kick. Sheamus goes for the pin but Triple H kicks out.

Sheamus picks Triple H up off the mat, and he puts him up on his shoulder, but HHH fights out and connects with a big spinebuster. Triple H goes for the pin but Sheamus kicks out at two.

Sheamus tries to roll to the outside, but he only gets to the apron. Triple H tries to pick him up, but Sheamus fights him off and connects with a big kick to Triple H’s temple. Sheamus crawls back into the ring and he picks up Triple H. HHH is playing possum, and out of nowhere he hits the pedigree. Triple H pins Sheamus and he gets the three count.

Winner: Triple H

– We get a video package showing the events leading up to CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio.

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

Out first comes CM Punk with Luke Gallows and Serena. Punk talks as he walks to the ring about how he chooses to live drug free and rips on the fans. Punk says tonight, Mysterio and the fans will choose him as their savior. Rey Mysterio’s music hits and the crowd pops. Everyone waits but Rey doesn’t appear. All of a sudden he appears on the stage. Looks like they may have messed something up here. Rey makes his way to the ring as the Straight Edge Society looks on from the ring.

The bell rings and we’re ready to start this one. Gallows and Sarita are stalking around the outside, it distracts Mysterio, and Punk is able to use that to catch Mysterio, sending him to the mat and stomping away on him. Mysterio tries to come back and jumps to the top, but Punk sweeps his feet out from under him. Punk distracts the ref and Serena chokes Mysterio. Punk tries for a baseball slide, but Mysterio flips up, and Punk crotches himself on the ring post. On the outside, Punk gets even by slamming Mysterio into the steel ring steps.

Back in the ring, Punk pounds away on Mysterio and he tries for a pin, but Mysterio kicks out at two. Punk locks in a rear chin lock while the SES cheers on from ringside. Mysterio is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold where he catches Punk with a quick kick. Mysterio tries for a headscissors, but Punk fights it off, only to eat a springboard seated senton from Mysterio. Mysterio hits a kick to Punk’s face, but Punk is able to surprise Mysterio with a roll up for two. Punk catches Mysterio with a giant kick to the side of the head, but a pin is only good for two.

Punk tries for a series of pins, but it ends with Mysterio flipping out and up onto the ropes, where he comes back with a crazy springboard DDT. Mysterio tries for the pin, but he only gets two. Mysterio kicks Punk into the ropes and tries for the 619, but Punk catches him. Punk tries for the GTS, but Mysterio fights out. Mysterio springboards off the ropes, but Punk catches him in GTS position. Mysterio fights out again and kicks Punk in the head. Mysterio goes to the top and tries for a frog splash, but he misses. Punk tries for the cover but he only gets two.

Punk hits the high knee in the corner, but Mysterio fights out of the bulldog and sends Punk into the ropes. Mysterio tries for the 619, but Serena and Gallows distract him. Punk almost hits the 619, but Mysterio fights out, hits the 619, the springboard splash, and pins Punk.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

– We get a video package showing what’s went on between Vince McMahon and Bret Hart, leading to their No Holds Barred match tonight.

No Holds Barred Match: Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon

We go to the ring where Bret Hart makes his way to the ring to a nice pop. Bret is wearing his tennis shoes, jeans, a t-shirt and leather jacket. Black sunglasses too, no shades for Bret anymore. Bret gets some pyro as he enters the ring. No Chance starts playing as Vince McMahon makes his way out. Vince has a microphone. He stops at the entrance way and says Bret is in his ring at his greatest creation – WrestleMania. Vince says Bret deserves a WrestleMania size screwing. Vince says he spent a lot of money and bought himself some special Lumberjacks. Vince says Bret’s entire family screwed him now. He tells them to come on out and here comes The Hart Dynasty – Natalya, Tyson and David Hart Smith. Behind them are the brothers and sisters of Bret. Vince and the Harts head to the ring.

Bruce Hart puts on a referee shirt and will be officiating. The rest of the Hart family applaud this from ringside. Bret takes a mic and says there’s nothing he can do about this now. Bret says he learned there’s nothing sweeter than a double cross. Bret says the family told him ahead of time what Vince was planning. Bret says the Hart family is united as one tonight. Bret says it will be remembered as the night that Bret screwed Vince. So the Harts are now on Bret’s side.

Vince begs off, but Hart hits him with a right. Hart beats McMahon all around the ring, in the corner, stomping away at him. Hart chokes McMahon with his foor in the corner. Vince rols outside into the Hart Dynasty, who go to work with a couple of forearms. Hart family members are in to join, and Natalya hits Vince with a big slap. Kidd and DH Smith stomp away at Vince, and Kidd locks in a guillotine choke before hammering away on Vince. DH Smith picks Vince up and Kidd climbs up to the apron. DH Smith picks Vince up, and Kidd goes all the way to the top turnbuckle. Kidd leaps off and hits a top rope Hart attack all the way to the floor, sending Vince McMahon crashing down.

The Harts roll Vince back into the ring, and Bret goes right to work on Vince’s leg. Vince rolls back to the outside, and he tries to crawl under the ring to avoid things, but Kidd and Smith pull him out. Vince has a crowbar in hand when he comes back out and the Hart’s scatter. Everyone calls Vince a coward. Vince rolls back into the ring and he tries to hit Bret with the crowbar, but Bret ducks it, and sends McMahon to the mat, where he continues to beat him down with big elbows. Hart grabs the crowbar and he uses it to clobber McMahon, just wailing away on him.

Hart uses the crowbar to whack McMahon right in the throat, and the Hart family rallies Bret on from the outside, banging on the mat. Hart grabs McMahon’s legs, and the crowd goes NUTS. Hart goes for it, but decides against it, and goes for the crowbar again. Hart whacks McMahon a couple more times before grabbing the legs again. Hart kicks McMahon right in the crotch, and then does it again.

McMahon pleads with Bret, but all it gets him is a couple more kicks to the groin. someone slides a chair into Bret, and he uses it to sit down. Bruce comes over, and Bret actually calls a time out, just to catch his breath. McMahon crawls up to his hands and knees, and Hart is up behind him. Hart picks up the chair, and whacks McMahon across the back, then a second time. The crowd chants for one more, and Bret obliges with another big chair shot. Three more, then another, and another, and Bret is just working Vince over. Three more, another, a thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth all on Vinces legs. Another, and another, and another, jeez, this is crazy. Another, and Vince is just moaning and panting.

Hart grabs the leg and everyone goes crazy. Hart wraps up the legs and pulls McMahon over, successfully locking in the Sharpshooter, which is just a beautiful sight. McMahon immediately taps, but Hart keeps it locked in just for a bit.

Winner: Bret Hart

– After the match, all the Harts get in the ring to celebrate with Bret.

– After a video hyping WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta next year, we get a video package showing what’s led up to tonight’s World Heavyweight Title match between Edge and Chris Jericho.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Edge vs. Chris Jericho

We go to the ring where the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho makes his way out. Out next is the challenger, Edge, to a nice pop from the crowd. We get formal ring introductions for the match as they get ready to start.

Edge and Jericho lock up and start out with some chain wrestling. Jericho locks in a headlock, and when Edge fights out, he hits a shoulderblock. Jericho ducks a couple of clotheslines, but Edge comes back with a big flying lariat. Edge stomps on Jericho in the corner, but when the ref breaks it up, Jericho is able to mount a comeback, putting Edge in the corner and beating on him for a bit. Edge comes back with a back body drop, and he tries for a spear, but Jericho sees it coming and he rolls out to the floor. Edge follows, beats on Jericho for a bit and rolls him back into the ring. On his way back into the ring, Jericho catches Edge with a slap, and a baseball slide to send him to the floor.

Edge rolls back into the ring, and Jericho grabs right for Edge’s legs, hitting a slingshot, slamming Edge’s neck into the bottom rope. Jericho hits a back body drop, and he tries for a cover, but Edge kicks out at two. Jericho locks in a modified rear chin lock, and tells the referee to ask him, but Edge refuses to give up. Edge fights up to his feet, but Jericho slams him back down to the mat head first. Jericho kicks and slaps away at Edge’s head.

Jericho sends Edge into the corner, but when he charges in, Edge moves and Jericho’s shoulder connects with the ring post. Edge hits a big dropkick, and tries for a back body drop, but Jericho blocks it and hits a front suplex, sending Edge into the ropes. Jericho tries for a springboard dropkick, but Edge dodges it, and sends JEricho crashing into the announce table. Edge launches himself off the ring apron onto Jericho with a big diving clothesline. Edge rolls Jericho into the ring and he tries to go to the top, but Jericho catches him and the fight on the turnbuckle. Edge is able to come out on top when he hits a front suplex from the middle rope that’s good for a two count.

Edge ducks a big boot from Jericho and slides to the outside where he sweeps Jericho’s legs. Edge hits a crossbody from the top, but Jericho rolls through into a pin attempt for a two count. Jericho tries for the walls of Jericho, but Edge fights it off. Both men get a quick near fall, but a kick to the head from Jericho puts Edge down.

Jericho tries for the codebreaker, but Edge counters, catches Jericho and slamming him into the corner. Edge goes for the spear, but Jericho counters, jumping over and rolling Edge straight into the walls of Jericho!

Edge is able to counter the walls, rolling over and turning it into a near fall for a two count. Jericho fights out, goes for a lion sault, and lands on his feet when Edge moves, but Edge slams Jericho’s head down to the canvas. Both men are up and Jericho hits a big enzugiri. Jericho goes for the cover but only gets two. Jericho hits a series of big right hands, but Edge retaliates with an Impaler DDT. Edge goes for the cover but Jericho kicks out.

Jericho takes control with a blow to the back of Edge’s head. Jericho teases the spear, setting up for it. Edge is back on his feet, but when Jericho goes for the spear, Edge gets his foot up for a big boot. Edge psyches himself up, and gets the crowd going. Edge tries for the spear, but Jericho counters with the codebreaker.

Jericho crawls over and pins Edge, but it’s only good for two, another pin, another two count. Jericho argues with the ref for a bit, but then turns back to Edge. Jericho kicks at the back of Edge’s leg, before just stomping on the ankle. Edge avoids another kick and he gets back to his feet, but Jericho takes him right back down into the walls of Jericho.

Edge tries to crawl to the ropes, but Jericho pulls him right back into the middle of the ring and turns it into a single leg crab, focusing on Edge’s injured leg. Edge is finally able to crawl to the ropes, and surprise Jericho with a roll up that’s good for a two count. Edge clotheslines Jericho over the top rope and both men go out to the floor. Jericho is back to his feet first and he grabs his title. Edge slams Jericho’s head into the ring apron, and Edge ends up accidentally elbowing the ref. Jericho hits Edge with the belt, and goes for the pin, but Edge kicks out!

Jericho hits the codebreaker, and he pins Edge. The referee counts three, and this one is over.

Winner: Chris Jericho

– After the match, Edge and Jericho get into it on the floor. Edge tears apart the announcer’s table. Edge throws Jericho on top of one table and stands on top of the other. Jericho gets up on the one table and Edge spears him off of it through the fan barrier. Edge rolls back in the ring and poses for the fans while staring over at Jericho. Edge walks to the back while WWE officials check on Jericho who is still laid out.

– Cole, Lawler and Striker show us clips of the 26-man Battle Royal that took place before the pay-per-view tonight that Yoshi Tatsu was the winner of.

Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix vs. Vickie Guerrero, Layla, Michelle McCool, Alicia Fox and Maryse

Out first for tonight’s Divas match is Team Vickie followed by Team Beth. All the Divas enter the ring as we get ready to go.

Gail Kim and Vickie are going to be starting things out. Guerrero bumps Kim back, so Kim tags in Phoenix. Vickie finds herself in the corner, where she eats a couple of shoulders. Eve tags in and gives her a couple more shoulders. Kim tags in and James tags in, followed by Kelly, and they all pretty much do the same thing, beating on Vickie. Vickie is unfazed though, screaming at Kelly Kelly. A big slap and step up leg drop takes down Vickie, but McCool is in with a Styles Clash. Mickie comes in and hits her big DDT, layla comes in and hits a backbreaker, Kim comes in with a sole food. Everyone is coming in now. Phoenix hits a giant implant buster type move on Alicia, then turns her attention to Vickie.

Phoenix puts Guerrero in the tree of woe, but McCool comes in and clocks Phoenix out of nowhere. McCool sets it up, and talks Vickie into doing a frog splash on Kelly Kelly. Vickie does it, and connects, but has trouble pinning Kelly. She’s finally able to do it, and she gets a pin, scoring the win for her team.

Winners: Vickie Guerrero, Alicia Fox, Michelle McCool, Layla and Maryse

– We get a video package showing the build to tonight’s WWE Title match.

WWE Title Match: John Cena vs. Batista

We go to the ring where the WWE Champion Batista comes out first under a spotlight. Batista enters the ring and waits for Cena. What looks like a US Navy rifle team starts performing by the entrance way. Their routine is very impressive. When they finish, John Cena’s music hits and the crowd goes nuts. Cena runs to the ring and runs the ropes for the fans. We get formal introductions before the bell rings.

Batista and Cena lock up, and Batista turns it into a headlock. Cena sends Batista into the ropes, and Batista responds with a big shoulderblock. Cena is back up, and he takes Batista off his feet with a headlock takeover. Batista fights back up to his feet and pushes Cena into the corner, forcing the break. Batista goes right for a punch, but Cena ducks it and goes to work with a couple of blows to the body. Batista responds with a big blow to the back of Cena’s head before picking him up and slamming him in the corner. Batista beats on Cena in the corner, slamming him with a big boot to the head.

Batista continues to work over Cena’s neck, clubbing away across Cena’s neck. Batista tries for a suplex, but Cena blocks it and comes back with a suplex of his own. Cena beats on Batista in the corner for a bit, and he hits a sort-of bull dog, but when he goes for the pin, he only gets two. Cena tries for the AA, but Batista fights it off, countering with a big DDT. Batista rolls right into the cover, but Cena kicks out at two.

Batista sits Cena up and hits a big kick to Cena’s face, but it’s only good for another near fall. Batista locks in a rear naked choke with a body scissors, trying to wear Cena down. Cena is able to fight up, with Batista on his back, and he forces Batista off his back, and tries to break Batista’s grip. Cena fights out of it, but gets a knee to the back. Cena and Batista exchange right hands, with Batista getting the upper hand with a neckbreaker. Batista gets a near fall. There’s a lot of boos for Cena surprisingly. Batista locks in a front chancery.

Cena is able to fight up to his feet, and suplexes Batista off of him to break the hold. Batista charges Cena in the corner, but gets a big boot instead. Cena hits a couple of big shoulder blocks, a side belly to back suplex, that gets a lot of heat, and he goes for the five knuckle shuffle, but he ends up eating a spinebuster from Batista instead.

Batista calls for the Batista bomb, but Cena surprises him with the STF. Batista is able to make it into the ropes to break the hold. Batista hits a big spear, and he goes for the cover, but Cena kicks out at two.

Batista puts Cena in the corner and buries his shoulder in Cena’s midsection before placing him on the top rope. Batista goes for a superplex, but Cena fights it off, turning it into a test of strength. Cena hits a couple of head butts, and punches Batista, sending him crashing to the mat. Cena gets to his feet and jumps off, connecting with a top rope five knuckle shuffle. Cena goes for the AA, but Batista grabs the top rope. Cena pulls him back, but Batista counters into the Batista bomb. Cover, but Cena kicks out at two and Batista is shocked.

Batista is up on his feet, and he picks Cena up, trying for another bomb, but Cena counters into an AA. Batista counters, and Cena counters into the AA again. Cena connects with a big AA, launching Batista, but when he goes for the cover, Batista kicks out at two!

Cena climbs up to the top turnbuckle, and he jumps off, right into a big spinebuster from Batista. Batista picks him up and tries for the Batista bomb, but Cena rolls through and goes straight into the STF. Batista tries for the ropes, but he’s eventually forced to tap. The crowd, who’s been pretty hostile up to this point, cheers pretty loudly.

Winner and New WWE Champion: John Cena

– We get a video package showing what’s led to tonight’s Career vs. Streak Match.

Career vs. Streak Match: Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

This match will also be with no DQ’s and no count outs. Out first comes Shawn Michaels, no special entrance or anything. The crowd is actually kind of not into it here at first. The bells toll next as the lights go out. The Undertaker comes rising from under the stage at the entrance way. Undertaker walks to the ring with a hood on as Shawn looks on. Shawn stares at Taker with a blank stare as he enters the ring and takes his gear off.

Taker and Micheals stare each other down. Michaels drags his thumb across his throat and infuriates Taker. Taker charges Michaels, but Michaels dodges and catches Taker with a couple of chops. Taker comes right back, hanging Michaels up on the top turnbuckle, and splashing Micheals in the corner. Taker goes for old school, but Micheals fights it off. Taker goes up again and he’s able to walk to ropes and connect this time. Taker goes right for the chokeslam, but Micheals fights out of it and kicks at Taker’s knee. Taker fights back with a big right hand. Taker slams Michaels head into the turnbuckle, and he tries for a tombstone, but Michaels fights out and goes to work on Taker’s arm.

Taker tries for a short arm clothesline, but Michaels ducks it, and counters with a not quite solid SCM. Taker is a bit startled. Michaels goes right back to work on Taker’s knee, stomping away at it in the corner. Michaels hands Taker’s leg up on the ropes and just goes to work. Taker fights him off and gets back to his feet, pounding on him in the corner, but HBK kicks right back at Taker’s knee. Taker sends Michaels to the outside with a clothesline over the top ropes, and he teases a dive, but Michaels sees it coming and he comes back in with a shoulder to the knee.

Michaels tries for the figure four, but Taker fights it off and sends Michaels to the outside. Taker hits the crazy leg drop on the apron. Back in the ring, Michaels is right back up and he goes for the figure four, locking it in.

Michaels is wearing down the Undertaker, forcing him to put his shoulders to the mat every now and then. Taker reverses the pressure, rolling himself and HBK over and forcing Michaels to break the hold. Both men are back on their feet and they’re trading chops and punches. Michaels kicks at Taker’s knee, and goes to work with chops, but Taker responds with big right hands. Michaels ducks one and hits some more chops. Michaels hits a flying forearm to Taker, and he kips up, but he walks right into a chokeslam. Taker pins Michaels, but HBK kicks out at two.

Taker tries for a tombstone, but Michaels slithers out of it and locks in the ankle lock. Taker crawls toward the rope, but Michaels pulls him back into the ring and grapevines the leg to add more pressure. Taker again is worn down to where he’s forced to put his shoulders on the mat and force a pinning predicament. Taker is able to use his free foot to kick at Michaels and break the hold.

Michaels clotheslines Taker over the top rope, and he hangs on, on the apron. Michaels hits an asai moonsault, but Taker catches him, and reverses it into a tombstone piledriver on the outside. A medic is down to check on Michaels, but Taker throws him away and tosses Michaels back in the ring for the pin. Michaels kicks out at two!

Taker kicks at Michaels and he goes for the Last Ride, kind of connecting, but Michaels gets the pin. Taker kicks out at two. Michaels climbs to the top rope, and he goes for his signature elbow drop, but Taker gets his knees up to block it.

Taker locks in Hell’s gate out of nowhere, but Michaels counters into a pinning predicament, forcing Taker to break the hold. Taker hits Michaels with a big right, but Michaels responds with sweet chin music. Michaels goes for the pin, but Taker kicks out at two.

Michaels tunes up the band again in the corner, but another attempt is blocked by Taker, but buries his boot in Michaels stomach and connects with a proper Last Ride. Taker goes for the cover but Michaels kicks out!

Taker is back to his feet and he immediately tosses Michaels out to the floor. Taker begins taking apart the announce table, pulling out the monitors. Taker is pounding on his knee, trying to knock feeling back in. Taker sets Michaels up for the Last Ride, but Michaels gets out of it and hits SCM, sending Taker on top of the announce table. Michaels goes up to the top turnbuckle, and he launches himself off, with a big moonsault, crashing through Undertaker and the table!

Michaels crawls over toward Taker, and he rolls him back toward and into the ring. Both men get back up to their feet, and Michaels connects with sweet chin music. Michaels goes for the pin, but Taker kicks out at two!

Michaels goes for SCM again, but it’s blocked and Taker hits a chokeslam instead. Taker picks Michaels up, and connects with a big tombstone. Taker pins Michaels, but Michaels kicks out at two!

Taker pulls down the straps, and he almost jerks his thumbs across his throat, but he decides against it. Michaels climbs up, and Taker tells him to stay down. Michaels crawl up, using Taker to support himself. Michaels drags his thumb across his own throat, and slaps Taker across the face. Taker gets angry, and immediately connects with a tombstone. Taker pins Michaels, and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: The Undertaker

– After the match, The Undertaker staggers around the ring while Shawn Michaels is still laid out. The Undertaker drops to one knee and poses while pyro goes off and an 18-0 flashes on the big screen. The lights come on and Taker helps Shawn to his feet. Taker extends his hand to Shawn and they hug. Taker leaves the ring as the crowd starts to applaud HBK. HBK starts crying as the crowd chants for him and claps. Shawn is mouthing thank you to the fans as they continue to clap. Shawn heads up the ramp, stopping to be with some fans. HBK drops to his knees at the entrance way one final time. WrestleMania 26 goes off the air with Shawn Michaels waving goodbye.

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