WrestleMania 27: Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler

– We get a promo for the new WrestleMania True Story DVD.



– The Fink is in the ring. He introduces the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame class. Abdullah the Butcher, Sunny, Road Warrior Animal & Paul Ellering, Drew Carey, Bullet Bob Armstrong, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan all appear on the stage. Shawn Michael’s music hits next as he comes out to a big pop from the crowd. The Hall of Famers wave to the fans as Fink gives it up for them one more time.

– We get highlights from Jerry Lawler and Michel Cole’s feud.

– Booker T is introduced next to a big pop to announce this match. Out next comes Jim Ross to a bigger pop to join Booker and Josh Matthews on commentary.

Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler, Special Referee: Steve Austin

As Ross is making his way to ringside, Michael Cole comes out in an amateur wrestling get-up, including headgear and everything. It’s orange and he looks ridiculous. Cole starts insulting Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. Cole enters the ring, still talking trash about Lawler. Cole says after tonight, JR will go back to making bad BBQ sauce, Lawler will be embarrassed and Steve Austin will raise his hand in victory. Cole says he will be the new Mr. WrestleMania. Jack Swagger’s music hits next and out comes Cole’s trainer.

As Swagger is doing push-ups on the ramp, Steve Austin’s music hits. Austin comes riding a four wheeler out and rides it around the ring, putting some fear into Michael Cole. Cole retreats to his Cole Mine and taunts Austin from there. Swagger is upset that Austin almost hit him with the four wheeler. Out next comes Jerry Lawler for his WrestleMania debut. Lawler isn’t using his new theme song and has a new gear and robe on.

Cole won’t leave his cubicle. Austin tells them to ring the f’n bell and they bleep it out. Lawler goes after Cole and Swagger gets in the way. Lawler takes Swagger out and throws him into the barrier. Cole, still inside his cube, apologizes to Lawler and wants to talk it out instead of wrestle. Lawler tells Cole to get in the ring. Cole extends his hand out of the cube to Lawler. Cole begs Lawler to forget about all their problems. Lawler shakes Cole’s hand. Lawler doesn’t let go and pulls Cole’s arm through the hold, ramming his head into the cube repeatedly. Cole’s face is smashed into the glass now. Lawler climbs inside the cube and starts beating Cole up.

Lawler finally brings the assault out of the cube and to ringside. Lawler rolls Cole in the ring and Austin checks on him. Jack Swagger attacks from behind while Austin isn’t looking and lays Lawler out. It looks like Swagger hid from Austin. Cole finally gets to his feet in the ring and baseball slides into Lawler, sending him back to the floor. Cole distracts Austin while Swagger runs over and applies the ankle lock on Lawler. Cole wants Austin to count Lawler out. Austin counts but Lawler comes back in the ring. Cole starts working over Lawler’s leg as Swagger cheers him on.

Cole is pretty much just working on Lawler’s ankle on the ropes. Cole goes in the corner and hits his weak version of Swagger’s splash for a pin attempt on Lawler. Cole actually continues to control the match, still focusing on Lawler’s leg. A “boring” chant breaks out in the crowd as Cole poses. Cole mocks Lawler and pulls down one of his straps. Cole applies the ankle lock on Lawler now. Lawler counters it and kicks Cole back into the corner. Swagger yells at Cole to get up. Lawler starts stomping on Cole now.

Swagger throws a white towel in the ring, signaling that he’s quitting for Cole. Austin looks at it and picks it up to wipe the sweat off his forehead, then throws it at Swagger. Swagger comes in the ring and gets hit with a Stunner from Austin. Cole gets up now and tells Austin he can’t compete. Austin mocks him. Cole slaps Austin’s hand and pushes him. Austin pushes Cole into a big right hand from Lawler. Lawler rocks Cole with more rights now on their feet and then on the mat. The crowd starts chanting for Lawler now as he continues to rock Cole. Lawler hits a big dropkick on Cole and sends him to the mat. Lawler goes to the second rope, points at the WrestleMania banner and takes one of his straps down. Lawler drops the big fist on Cole for the pin. He pulls Cole up at the 2 count and is having too much fun here. Lawler then applies the ankle lock on Cole and makes him quickly tap out. Austin plays around and gets down in Cole’s face to ask him if he taps. Cole is tapping but Austin is playing games with him. Austin finally calls for them to ring the f’n bell and raises Lawler’s hand in victory.

Winner: Jerry Lawler

– After the match, Jack Swagger recovers at ringside and picks Michael Cole up, carrying him off to the back. Lawler raises his hands in the ring. Stone Cold’s music hits next and we get some beers. Austin and Lawler do the double toast and start downing beers. Booker T runs in the ring and joins the celebration. Booker T pops the crowd as he does a spin-a-rooni. Booker’s music hits as he, Lawler and Austin celebrate with more beers. Out of nowhere, Austin lays Booker out with a Stunner. More beers are thrown in the ring to Austin and Lawler. The e-mail alert goes off and Josh Matthews steps up to the podium. It’s announced that the referee, Steve Austin, overstepped his autority in the match so Lawler has been disqualified. The winner of the match is Michael Cole. Cole and Swagger are still up on the ramp and start celebrating. The crowd starts chanting “bullshit.” Lawler goes to ringside and asks Matthews what’s up with that. Austin is pissed as he throws his beers down. Lawler asks Matthews to say it one more time and he does, but apologizes. Lawler pulls Matthews and rolls him into the ring where Austin hits him with a Stunner. Austin rides off on his four wheeler and salutes the fans. Lawler is shown looking pissed at ringside as we go to replays.

Winner by DQ: Michael Cole

– Lawler goes right to the announcer’s table and joins Jim Ross as we go to footage from Axxess in Atlanta.

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