WrestleMania 27: Team Snooki vs. Team LayCool

Snooki, Trish Stratus and John Morrison vs. LayCool and Dolph Ziggler



We go to the arena and out comes Vickie Guerrero to introduce her team. Dolph Ziggler is out next followed by Layla and Michelle McCool. John Morrison is out next for his team. Trish Stratus’ music hits next and out she comes to a big pop. The Jersey Shore music hits next and out comes Snooki to a decent reaction for what it is. Vickie looks on disapprovingly.

Team LayCool tries to attack as their opponents are entering the ring. Dolph talks trash to Snooki and she smacks him. The bell rings and it’s McCool starting things off with Trish. McCool pushes Trish. Trish comes back with chops to the chest. She looks to tag in Snooki and chops McCool again. Trish does the matrix move and ducks a clothesline but McCool kicks her to the mat. Trish comes back with a facebuster. She goes for the move out of the corner but McCool fights her off. They tumble from the top rope down out of the ring and to the floor. Trish shoves McCool back into the barrier. Layla runs over and gets punched by Trish. Trish leaps off the apron and lands on both of them. Trish counters a shot now and gets a 2 count. Trish kicks McCool in the head for another 2 count as Dolph breaks the pin. Morrison comes in and clotheslines him to the floor. Morrison hits a Starship Pain from the top rope down to the floor and Ziggler.

Snooki is tagged in by Trish and gets boo’d. Snooki does a handspring across the ring and elbows McCool back into the corner. She flips back again and lands on McCool to get the pin and the win as Vickie flips out at ringside. They’re cheering Snooki now.

Winners: Snooki, Trish Stratus and John Morrison

– We see the cast of WWE Tough Enough sitting at ringside and get a promo for WWE Extreme Rules on May 1st.

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