WrestleMania ‘In Jeopardy’ Due To Thunderstorm?

The event that many of us have been waiting for may be under a threat this year. Many fans are piling into the stadium now to witness WrestleMania 37, but it looks like tonight’s event could go badly very quickly. WrestleMania 37 Ticket Sales Are ‘Embarrassing’.



According to the weather forecasts for the Tampa area, WrestleMania is facing the threat of severe weather which includes, but is not limited to, tornadoes. As of now, the weather for the area currently is calling for rain by about 5pm-8pm and then turning into more severe weather as the night persists. Ryan Satin said they told fans to get ‘under cover.’ Dave Meltzer tweeted, “ There is concern right now in Tampa about a thunderstorm moving in fast.”

Tornadoes could miss the event totally, or not even happen at all, but when a lot of people are in a relatively small area with nowhere to cover, it’s best to play it safe. There’s currently no word on how WWE will play the scenario if a tornado were to touch down in the area. Of course, this year’s WrestleMania events are outdoors.

While there may not be a tornado, we will definitely see rain and/or thunderstorms involved which may place the event under a delay. Again, WWE has not stated any words as of yet or any plans of action should we see less-than desirable weather during tonight’s action.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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