WrestleMania Tops 1 Million Buys, The Rock’s Deal with Vince & a New Movie Role

– Vince McMahon said at the shareholders meeting on Friday that he is working with The Rock on a handshake agreement. Vince said he and Rock have operated that way for a long time. Regarding WrestleMania, Vince also noted that The Rock will get a part of growth above what they are projecting.



– Variety reports that The Rock will be producing and starring in a movie based on the life of African-American country music star Charley Pride. Rock’s ex-wife Dany Garcia is listed as a producer along with Randy Jackson from American Idol and Pride’s manager John Daines.

– Variety also reports that WWE’s WrestleMania drew over one-million pay-per-view buys. WWE confirmed the news on Friday at the shareholders meeting. Variety’s Marc Graser reports that this year’s number is up by almost 30% domestically and 15% overseas. Officials numbers will be released in the next week.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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