Wrestler Arrested For Strangling Wife: ‘I’ll Kill You’

In a distressing turn of events, there has been a significant development in the case involving former AEW coach BJ Whitmer, who faced arrest in June on grave charges related to domestic violence, including burglary and strangulation. The victim involved in this harrowing incident has recently disclosed that Whitmer was released from jail approximately one week and one day after his initial arrest, thanks to a $25,000 cash bond.



AEW, in a swift and decisive move, publicly announced Whitmer’s firing shortly after the news of his arrest began to circulate, distancing themselves from the disgraced coach.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp has reported that Whitmer had a hearing on September 6 and was indicted on charges of first-degree burglary and second-degree strangulation, both of which are extremely serious offenses. A pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for October 4, where the legal proceedings will continue to unfold.

A significant aspect of this tragic episode is the issuance of an Emergency Protective Order for the victim, underscoring the seriousness of the allegations against Whitmer. It has been reported that AEW, in a commendable act of responsibility, has been actively working with the victim to address the situation and provide support during these trying times.


To shed light on the horrifying events that transpired, the victim, identified as Whitmer’s ex-boyfriend, bravely recounted the traumatic encounter in a statement provided to Fox19 back in June. She narrated her ordeal, beginning with Whitmer’s unexpected presence in her home:

“I came into my house and he was standing at the top of my steps waiting for me.” The situation rapidly escalated from there, as she described being attacked and strangled in different rooms of her own home. She recalled Whitmer threatening her life, uttering chilling words: “I’m going to f**king kill you. Do you hear me? I’m going to kill you.” The victim displayed remarkable presence of mind when she falsely claimed to have called the police, leading Whitmer to release his grip.

Details from the police report, obtained by PWInsider, further illuminate the horrifying nature of the alleged incident. According to the Boone County, Kentucky Sheriff Department’s report, Whitmer unlawfully entered his former girlfriend’s residence through an open door, demanding that she delete messages from her phone. When she refused, a violent altercation ensued, with Whitmer physically assaulting her, grabbing her by the throat, and strangling her to the point where she feared losing consciousness. Visible injuries were evident when Kentucky Deputies arrived at the scene, with the victim bearing bruising on her neck and red marks.

The victim had been subjected to a barrage of text messages from Whitmer throughout the day, culminating in a chilling message indicating his imminent arrival at her home. She had the horrifying experience of witnessing him enter her residence as she returned from her neighborhood pool.

Notably, Whitmer had left the scene by the time Deputies arrived, and the victim suggested that he had likely sought refuge at a relative’s house. Subsequently, Whitmer was located and detained by Alexandria, Kentucky Police for questioning, during which he declined to comment.

Although the victim’s physical injuries did not necessitate immediate hospitalization, she was treated and evaluated by Walton Fire/EMS, expressing that her throat was extremely sore.

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