Wrestler’s Court described by Xavier Woods

Wrestler’s Court has been discussed by many a talent in the WWE locker room, the system by which performers are judged. Chris Jericho, Triple H, Edge, and Christian, just to name a few, have recounted countless stories about the infamous court, whereby the Undertaker was the judge. According to these stories, most cases could be solved by buying beer for Taker.



However, there hasn’t been any discussion about what the court looks like without the Undertaker in recent years. At least not until Xavier Woods took some time to explain the idea on his YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown. In the video, Woods said:

Wrestler’s Court is like somebody steals my move, and I can take him to Wrestler’s Court. So we have the jury, we have everyone else watching, the judge, and I plead my case.

I can choose someone to represent me or to represent myself. We plead our cases and the jury figures everything out. Judge makes his decision, and if you don’t want to do what needs to be done, let’s say he has to be my driver for the next two weeks. If he doesn’t do that, then the bailiff comes and anything could happen.

It’s interesting to see that the system has held up even after the changing of the guard in the locker room.

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