Two More Wrestlers Removed From TNA Roster

In addition to Daffney, Miss Tessmacher and Kiyoshi were also removed from the TNA website roster pages Monday. This would indicate that they have parted ways with the organization.



Kiyoshi has been sparingly used in recent months, having only competed in a single match as the mysterious character since being dismissed as the man under the Suicide costume in October. He joined the organization during the later half of 2008 and would notably form alliances with the tag team No Limit (Yujiro and Naito) as well as the World Elite faction.

Tessmacher was never listed on the company website’s roster page. However, she was featured on its Knockouts photo section, which were removed Monday. She debuted last March as Eric Bischoff’s assistant and would transition to a wrestler role by the end of the year. Her burgeoning wrestling career, however, came to an abrupt halt as she claimed to have suffered a broken jaw on Christmas Day. She has not appeared for TNA since the incident.

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