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Wrestling Legend Konnan attacked by fellow wrestler outside IMPACT! tapings

In December of last year, the second incarnation of Psicosis (not to be confused with the original WCW version of the character) was asked as to why he wasn’t being used on AAA TV as of late. The wrestler said that he and Mexican wrestling legend Konnan had some disputes because of which he didn’t wish to return until Konnan was fired.

However, Konnan responded to the wrestler by saying that if he was so deserving of his job, he could have gotten a job at bigger promotions. Psicosis then went on to say that he would like to continue the same discussion with Konnan, face to face, in January.

Fast forward to yesterday, Psicosis showed up unmasked at the TV tapings for IMPACT! Wrestling and confronted Konnan outside the venue. Konnan refused to interact and was slapped by Psicosis who challenged him to a street fight then and there.

Konnan still didn’t respond and walked away, ending the interacting there. A video of the said interaction has now surfaced on the internet:

  • SoCalGreek

    I didn’t say anything except that Konnan is in no where the shape to get in a fight!

    He’s 56 And a OLD 56
    Had a liver transplant so is on meds so that taxes a body hard!
    Had hip replacement!

    I am sure that POS knew all of that! I bet he wouldn’t have come at Konnan 15 years ago!!!

    That guy was cherrypick tough guy!

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    And he wonder why he doesn’t have a job? As if any of us would have one after challenging someone to a street fight at work.

  • MT McGee

    He was the mexican Hulk Hogan and then came here and was exposed to not be able to draw in front of non-mexicans. While I never saw any of his stuff from mexico, I know I hated every single match I saw of his in WCW.

  • Rico Carlos

    Wrestling legend? According to whom? Anytime I saw him on TV back in th day, I knew it hat th match was going to be boring.

  • Dunkenstein

    Asshole attacking a man who is about 30 years older than he is.

  • Whistling Joe

    Go f*ck yourself, a$$hat. Same goes for you, greek.

  • Steven Davis

    This is especially hilarious coming from you.

  • Whistling Joe

    I’m not saying dude was right to slap Konnan, but from everything I’ve heard about Konnan over the last twenty plus years, he comes across as a real self important entitled crybaby.