Wrestling world reacts to Daniel Bryan news

Word broke today that, after two years, Daniel Bryan would be returning to in-ring action. The Smackdown GM was officially cleared today by the WWE, as reported earlier, and it looks like he will more than likely be a part of Shane McMahon’s match at WrestleMania.



Daniel Bryan getting cleared is something that many felt would never happen. WWE has gotten very strict when it comes to dealing with issues involving concussions, and after revealing that he was also having seizures back in 2016, the assumption was that WWE would never allow Daniel Bryan to compete in the ring again.

However, with the announcement today that the leader of the Yes Movement has been allowed to compete once again, the wrestling world has been blowing up. Various wrestlers, personalities, and fans from across the world have gone to Twitter to show support for the G.O.A.T.

Some wrestlers even teased a possible feud with the former WWE Champion, now that he’s eligible. Even his old rival, The Miz, had something to say about Bryan’s return.


Sam Roberts is right. Daniel Bryan getting cleared is so far the biggest wrestling story of the year, and I doubt any news story in wrestling will top this in 2018. While we don’t know what WWE’s plans are for Bryan, or if he’ll be used as a part-time or a full-time talent, we do know that there’s a lot of potential for great feuds.

With the stacked roster that the WWE has now, there’s no shortage of fantastic matches Bryan can have. Who would you like to see Bryan feud with after WrestleMania?

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