WWE ’12 DLC News, Rock & Cena Special Editions, Orton Comments on McGillicutty

– WWE is doing something different with the WWE ’12 video game as fans will be able to vote on which special edition cover gets released. “The People’s Edition” features The Rock on the cover and “The Champ’s Edition” features John Cena on the cover. The special release that’s picked will also have exclusive content with it. Voting is now going on online.



– Jerry Lawler revealed at the WWE ’12 roster reveal today that not only will he be an announcer in the game, he will also be one of the downloadable stars once the game is released.

– Randy Orton, who is on the cover of WWE ’12, appeared at the roster reveal today to talk to the fans. Orton talked about Michael McGillicutty’s name being announced. Orton talked about how he had the privilege to work with the late Curt Hennig and said it’s a travesty that McGillicutty can’t go by his real name of Joe Hennig.

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