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WWE 205 Live Results for 1/31/17

Here are the results from yesterday’s (Tues. January 31, 2017) episode of WWE 205 Live (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):

– We see Neville’s road to winning the championship as the announce team welcomes us to the show. Corey Graves breaks the news that Swann was injured in Monday’s brawl with the new champ and will be unable to compete tonight. Jack Gallagher announced as his replacement in our tag main event. Akira Tozawa also debuts tonight.

Tony Nese vs. Lince Dorado

Power versus speed here, although Nese isn’t exactly slow. They trade reversals early. Dorado hits a flying cross body and a modified head scissors take down. Dorado looks for the baseball slide but is comes up empty. Nese lures him back in and slows the pace with some power and submissions. Dorado goes up top after stunning Nese, but Nese rolls through and hits a chop on Dorado. Trademark kick to the midsection lifts Dorado on his shoulders that leads to the gut buster. Cover for a two. Dorado catches Nese and hits a power slam after a few loud strikes. Whip exchange ends in a handspring Stunner from the Golden Lynx. Nese regains advantage, heads up top, Dorado stalls, but Nese sends him down after grabbing the mask. Nese lowers the knee pad and delivers the Running Kneese for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Tony Nese

– After the match, Nese goes back after the defeated Dorado. TJ Perkins’ music hits and makes the save after hitting a Detonation Kick to Nese to a pretty decent pop.

– We recap the Swann/Neville brawl from WWE RAW. We go backstage with Tom Phillips who’s with the former champ. Swann is shown with a boot and crutches and says he’ll be out for a bit. He hypes Jack Gallagher in tonight’s match as Neville interrupts and takes out Swann and Phillips heads for the hills.

– Vignette for Gran Metalik, who will be debuting soon. Finally.

– The Brian Kendrick comes out for commentary as he drapes his flag over the announce table.

Akira Tozawa vs. Aaron Solo

I wouldn’t have debuted Tozawa in Corpus Christi, but what do I know? Tozawa playing a full fledged baby face in this one, quite the opposite from his role in the CWC. He faces off against indie wrestler and WWE Superstar Bayley’s fiance, Aaron Solo(w). He shows off the full offensive arsenal from sentons to stiff strikes. His trademark yells are getting over. After a brief flurry from Solo, Tozawa hits a jumping rana on Solo that sends him outside. This leads to a Tope Suicida to take out the challenger. Tozawa misses an aerial attack, rolls through, and hits a BEAUTIFUL Snap German Suplex for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Akira Tozawa

– After the match, Aries jokingly interviews Tozawa about the language barrier. Tozawa cuts what appeared to be a hilarious promo in Japanese and gets a nice pop.

– Backstage with Dar and Neville. The champ says he didn’t ask to be Dar’s partner and better hope he doesn’t mess it up. Dar says Neville is the captain of the team. Neville also says he doesn’t care about Dar’s love life and to leave his baggage (Fox) at home. Crazy Alicia isn’t thrilled with the opinion, and Dar attempts to calm her down.

Neville & Noam Dar vs. Jack Gallagher & Cedric Alexander

Dar listened to the champ and Fox is not at ringside…yet. Nice pop for the face team as both Alexander and Gallagher get some of the most consistent positive reactions. Odd to note they switched the face and heel team side of the ring for this one. The Englishmen start off the match and Neville using his power advantage early. Gallagher handstands out of a hold for a quick giggle. Neville goes back to work and focuses on the arms of Gallagher to prevent his catch style of grappling. Gallagher goes after Neville’s arm as well and takes him down with a snap and short one count. The champ gets tired of the back and forth and just lands a big right to gain control and makes the tag to Dar. Gallagher with the headstand in the corner and zips his way up the ropes to land in a side headlock. Tag made to Alexander and Neville berating his partner from the tag rope. Athletic whip exchange between the two culminates with Alexander’s head scissors take down and textbook drop kick. Tag made to Gallagher. Commentary ribbing Ranallo on his call of “Clock” the other night. Neville, not legal, whales on Gallagher in the corner and the tag now made. Double kick to the back of the gentleman’s head. Running forearms to the face of Gallagher in the corner for a two.

Missile drop kick from Neville and pointed elbow. Dar tags himself in and shows off some unique offense of his own. Dar back in the good graces of the champ as the tag is voluntarily made this time. Gallagher getting worked over as Alexander makes a challenge from the outside. Dar with another blind tag. Gallagher with a small package cover. Headbutt from Gallagher and knocked himself into a pin and Neville has to break it up. Crowd getting behind the gentleman. He disposes of Dar via a back body drop. Dar crawls for the tag, and Neville refuses and leaves Dar hung out to dry. Hot tag made to Cedric Alexander, and what a hot tag it is. Springboard clothesline nearly the length of the ring. Springboard enziguri from Alexander and Dar tries to roll out. Gallagher grabs the escapee that leads to the Lumbar Check from Alexander. One, two, three.

Winners via Pinfall: Jack Gallagher & Cedric Alexander