WWE 205 Live results from 4/11/17

Here are the results from yesterday’s (April 11, 2017) episode of WWE 205 Live (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):



Graves and Phillips welcome us to the show as the dynamic duo are still your commentary team for 205 Live. They hype up Perkins’ change of heart in recent days as we head to the ring for our first match.

Brian Kendrick vs. Mustafa Ali

The commentary team put over Ali’s abilities and out-of-ring character. Arm drag from Ali takes down the veteran. Ali swoops in a second time but gets caught by a Kendrick arm submission. He fights out and executes two more arm drags on Kendrick, who takes a quick breather. Neck submission locked in Kendrick, but the wiley vet grabs a handful of nostril to break it up. Ali able to send Kendrick to the outside and follows it up with a springboard cross body to the outside. Drew Gulak is shown in the back talking on the phone with his fellow constituents. Kendrick sneaks under the ring and pops out on the other side and pops Ali with the ring post. Cover for a two.

Kendrick unable to cinch in Captain’s Hook, but modifies it to a clutch of sorts. Ali punches his way out but only for a moment. Ali nails Kendrick with a head kick and both men are down. Series of kicks has Kendrick down. Ali lines up for an attack, Kendrick ducks, but Ali gets him on the second try. Roll through neck breaker for a near fall. Kendrick turns Ali inside out with a heel kick and gets a near fall of his own. Kendrick lifts Ali for a Torture Rack, Ali hops out, and goes up top. Kendrick knocks him down and locks in the Captain’s Hook. The bell mysteriously rings without a tap and Charles Robinson looks for the issue. Akira Tozawa reveals himself as the phantom time keeper. The match is then restarted, where Ali lands a kick to stun Kendrick. Ali hits his Inverted 450 for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Mustafa Ali

After the match, Tozawa grabs the mic and asks if his hat looks familiar. He says this is lesson number two, similar to Kendrick’s: Appearances can be deceiving.

A look back at RAW last night with Perkins vs. Aries and Perkins’ heel turn.

Backstage with Perkins. He talks about the attack on Aries last night and running through the rest of the CWC field last summer. The “Neville’s Advocate” was pretty solid. Gallagher begs Perkins to employ more gentlemanly tactics in tonight’s match.

Rich Swann vs. Johnny Ocean

The velvet jobber is already fantastic. He slings Swann to the corner, knocking the former champ to the ground. Ocean with a wave of shots after a chin lock only to crashed with a wave of open hand chops. Swann sets up the Phoenix Splash with a back kick and executes it to perfection for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Rich Swann

After the match, Swann cuts a promo on the gifting situation between he, Dar, and Fox. Noam Dar comes out to defend his honor and calls Swann a liar with some other adjectives thrown in. Alicia Fox comes out and takes Dar’s side…for now. Another delivery man comes out with a “gift” and Dar is quick to take credit. Foxy opens the gift only to find a powder bomb that explodes all over Fox, who wears it beautifully.

Backstage interview with Austin Aries. He and his banana talk about the attack from Perkins. He calls Perkins Neville’s puppet, and he’s the puppet master. He’s more focused on taking the WWE Cruiserweight Title off Neville at WWE Payback.

Jack Gallagher vs. TJ Perkins

Quite a bit of hair product in the ring right now. Perkins shakes off the traditional handshake as we get started. Gallagher scales the ropes with TJP in tow and lands a take down. Gallagher with unique submissions and chain wrestling. Perkins with a twisting seated head scissors and able to take the Englishman down momentarily. Gallagher reverses immediately and transitions into a series of submissions. Whip exchange leads to a drop kick that sends Perkins to the outside. Perkins doesn’t want to be Poppins’d and heads for the ramp. Gallagher dabs to Perkins, which apparently sets him off. He runs back in and Gallagher sets up the handstand red light/green light game ended by a Gallagher mule kick. Perkins back in it and begins to work over Gallagher’s knee. Senton from TJP for a two.

Indian Death Lock put on by Perkins. Gallagher reverses, maintains hold, and Perkins locks in another leg submission. Low bridge drop kick lands a glancing blow and Gallagher kicks out. Perkins with a pair of suplexes and Gallagher able to kick out once again. Perkins working over the knee once again and transitions to a butterfly lock. The crowd urges Gallagher on and able to fight out. He continues to sell the leg as he lands a trio of uppercuts and a suplex. Cover for a near fall. Springboard forearm from Perkins, a kip up, but gets caught by Gallagher as he heads to the corner. Jack perches Perkins on the top rope and hits a monster suplex. One, two, kickout. Perkins rolls out to avoid trouble. Gallagher sends him back and Perkins goads him into the Knee Bar. Gallagher able to roll his body over to the ropes to save the match. Gallagher with a twirling back breaker but unable to capitalize. Perkins goes for the wrecking ball drop kick, but Gallagher traps him in the ring apron and delivers a vicious headbutt. Gallagher rolls Perkins back in, covers, and only a two. Both men going at it in the middle of the ring trading shot for shot. Gallagher goes for the Gentleman’s Drop Kick, but his knee gives out. Perkins sends him head first into the ring post. This sets up the Detonation Kick for the win in what was one of the better matches since 205 Live’s inception.

Winner via Pinfall: TJ Perkins

After the match, Neville comes out to raise his new comrade’s hand in victory.

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