WWE Adding Another WrestleMania In 2022?

WWE Elimination Chamber could be making its return next month and could go beyond International bounds. Fightful Select had reported that WWE is planning to run an Elimination Chamber match in Saudi Arabia. The company is set to return there on February 19th. It is not known if this means the end of the Elimination Chamber event itself. WWE has plans to do the match in Saudi Arabia. Previously it was also reported that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had canceled major 2022 WWE shows.



“As of now, the working plan is for the Elimination Chamber match and structure to take place at the February Saudi Arabia show. We’re unsure of the Premium Live Event name will follow that, or if they’ll opt for something different. Some staff that is working with WWE in the area have also been briefed of these plans.”

It also seems that there could be a major change to the show.

Elimination Chamber name could be changed

WWE might make a very interesting announcement soon. It seems that WWE is not holding a traditional Elimination Chamber pay-per-view this year and they could even replace that show. It seems they might be rebranding the show. Dave Meltzer reports that WWE is considering a name change for the Elimination Chamber. It has not been 100% confirmed yet, but the WrestleMania Chamber might come our way:

WWE is looking at rebranding the Elimination Chamber the “WrestleMania Chamber.” Not official until it’s announced.

We will have to see how WWE plans to go forward with the show and how the fans react to the decision.

As a match concept itself, the Elimination Chamber dates back to 2002 where was first held at that year’s Survivor Series pay-per-view event. While the match would be held at different pay-per-view events since then however, it would prove popular event to become it’s own seperate pay-per-view centric event. The first of these, aptly named Elimination Chamber would be first held in 2010.

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