WWE & AEW ‘Higher Ups’ Caught Partying In Florida

Vince McMahon recently fired WWE star Steve Cutler for contracting Covid-19 after promising talent such as Roman Reigns with a “safe work environment”.



Vince McMahon was extremely furious when Cutler tested positive for Covid-19 following a New Years Eve party, reportedly held at Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green’s home. Previous to Cutler being released, he was booked for a storyline featuring Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio, Buddy Murphy, Baron Corbin, Wesley Blake, and himself.

Cutler (who is now a free agent) is currently locked into a ninety-day no compete clause. It’s a coin toss to bet on if companies such as TNA or AEW still hold any respect for Cutler after this. However, some seem to think Cutler still has many options.

FJRules on the F4WOnline.com forums writes: “If he (Cutler) was at this party it demonstrates selfish, tone deaf and reckless behavior and therefore he deserves to be fired. Then again so do Kacy and O’Shea and anyone else. The thing is Cutler is the one with zero value therefore is expendable. He got paid for seven years to train. He’s got plenty of pro wrestling options and a military background. He’ll be fine.”

Dave Meltzer followed-up FJRules by stating: “A large percentage of AEW & WWE wrestlers who live in Florida went to New Year’s Eve parties. Quite frankly, some higher-ups would have to fire themselves if that was a firing offense.”

Since Steve Cutler’s WWE release, Kacy Catanzaro was also filmed at a restaurant with friends recently. This move may land her in hot water as well.

All for one and one for all? You be the judge.


Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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